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The Schott Approach: Bridging Philanthropy and Grassroots Organizing

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Our philanthropic partners invest in Schott as a national education justice intermediary.

"We are proud to support the Schott Foundation, who in its capacity as an intermediary supports grassroots organizations working for equity and justice in education. These are key to building the communities we want to be a part of.”
Melissa Chabran
Melissa Chabran
Program Officer, Education, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
" Under HSF’s Black Movement Initiative, we are able to partner with the Schott Foundation to provide support to local members of the network whom we are not able to support individually.  Utilizing the relationships that an intermediary has already built helps foster trust and moves money out more effectively to those who need it most."
Nat Chioke Williams
Executive Director, Hill-Snowdon Foundation

"My family’s interest has long been to support and address disparities for marginalized communities. What I’ve learned is that addressing systems level problems requires a holistic and intersectional approach. It requires a process of learning, unlearning and not silencing history such as the existence of redlining and its impact on educational outcomes.

As our mission has shifted, it’s become less about providing services and more about promoting justice. It’s required we be explicit about race and partner with those closest to the work. We’ve come to recognize that it’s the grassroots strategies of those with first-hand experience that we need to build power and voice that will foster needed systems change. "

Josie Greene
President, Josephine and Louise Crane Foundation

The Schott Approach: Bridging Philanthropy and Grassroots Organizing

CT Black & Brown Student Union (left) Dignity in Schools Campaign (right)

As a philanthropic intermediary, we leverage funding to increase local parent and youth-led organizations’ effectiveness, results, and impact at a scale higher than any individual contribution would allow.

Movements are in it for the long haul. Their resources should be too.

Youth- and parents-of-color-led advocacy organizations are doing the critical work on our nation’s pathway to education justice. They are leading movements at the local level to improve education opportunities for students across the country. These organizations are at the core of maintaining and making our democracy work. 

Schott employs a unique multifaceted approach to support these leaders – as both a funder and advocacy partner – a bridge connecting philanthropy and grassroots organizations – to provide financial and technical support to ensure that all children have an opportunity to learn and thrive.

Youth organizing is not new. In 2023, however, youth organizing ramped up. We talked with youth organizers at three of our grantee partner organizations to learn from the latest generation of youth organizers as they build movements for justice both inside and outside of school.

We See You Youth!

“I have a support group for young Black men because mental health is a big thing, and we don’t have safe spaces. So they only get that support, like restorative work and circles, at places like FFLIC. I’ve been able to help develop other young Black men. We learn social emotional learning and organizing and all that good stuff.”
— Antonio FLLIC, former FFLIC Youth and Current Youth Organizer

Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children 

“Our biggest challenge has been the fundraising aspect. Working with intermediaries has helped us bridge the gap over the years by funding us, connecting us with larger funders, and to help with getting our story and name out there. It feels like Schott and other intermediaries are really in the trenches with us.” — Gina Womack, director and co-founder

Director and co-founder of Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (right)

GGE Youth Organizer & Fellow SueSuilla Daley on the importance and impact of YWI & YWAC to “foster community and uplift the voices of young people (in government), being that the policies made here in City Hall impact us all.”

Girls For Gender Equity Youth Organizer & Fellow SueSuilla Daley

Grassroots Partners Talk about Schott & Intermediaries

As an intermediary, Schott fuels education justice grassroots organizations in the Northeast, South and West (CA). Education justice philanthropy centers “on-the-ground” organizing, building the power of the people closest to the problem, so they can dismantle the systems and structures that generate and reinforce racial injustice. 
Racial justice grantmaking in education focuses on building student, parent and community power, building partnerships to advance racial equity and advancing policy change. Schott provides funding, resources and technical assistance to these Black and brown led organizations.

What do grantees say about Schott’s
grantmaking and support?

OneVoice Mississippi Executive Director Nsombi Lambright (right)

OneVoice Mississippi: Nsombi Lambright, Executive Director

The most significant challenge has been around being in a conservative state and not being able to move the needle on a statewide level, or even at a local level, from a policy perspective. Schott has supported us with moving that by learning about successful schools and initiatives in other states via webinars, success points, in other states and by providing financial resources to support those fights.

Dignity in Schools, California: Ursula DeWitt, Co-Director, Movement Building

The Schott Foundation supports our Parent Organizing Table, a statewide space building the collective power of parents fighting for racial and social justice in schools to create healthier school climates and end the criminalization of students. Its support bridges linguistic barriers and cultivates resilient parent leadership, fostering unity, empowerment, and a community-driven vision for a just future.

Dignity in Schools Campaign

Providence Student Union

Providence Student Union: Merrill Schmidt, Development Director

Partnering with the Schott Foundation for Public Education and other intermediary funders has been really helpful for Providence Student Union. We are a youth-led, grassroots organization focused on campaigns for education justice and students’ well-being, so we definitely appreciate support from intermediary funders who understand our work and share our core values. We particularly appreciate the Schott Foundation’s assistance with identifying new funding sources and connecting with other funders who have shared values and goals.