Schott builds infrastructure and sustainability for grassroots organizations working for racial justice in public education.

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Movements are in it for the long haul. Their resources should be too.

BIPOC youth- and parent-led advocacy organizations are doing the critical work on our nation’s pathway to education justice. They are leading movements at the local level to improve education opportunities for students across the country. These organizations are at the core of maintaining and making our democracy work. 

Schott employs a unique multifaceted approach to support these leaders – as both a funder and advocacy partner – a bridge connecting philanthropy and grassroots organizations – to provide financial and technical support to ensure that all children have an opportunity to learn and thrive.

Schott’s initiatives in grassroots movement building, cross-sector collaboration, and strengthening pro-public education narratives help raise the national consciousness around opportunity gaps as well as support grassroots victories for equitable education.

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The National Opportunity to Learn (OTL) Network is:

Through the National Opportunity to Learn (OTL) Network, Schott and our funder allies support national and local alliances of education justice partners in advocating for a vision of learning and education that is engaging, inspiring and can lead to the type of learning outcomes that ensure all children understand the world they are living in and are socio-emotionally and cognitively prepared to improve their lives, communities and humanity.


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winning Billions for New York public schools

The Campaign for Fiscal Equity and the Alliance for Quality Education

Transforming school discipline in los Angeles

The Dignity in Schools Campaign

Halting Closures and Rebuilding communities in Chicago

The Journey for Justice Campaign

Building a Southern Education Justice Movement

Our grantee partners in the South

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Investing in Schott means supporting grassroots organizations across the country who know how to implement the solutions their communities need.