Loving Cities Initiative

What is Loving Cities?

Schott’s initiative, Loving Cities, organizes and supports local and state grassroots leaders to actively secure full racial equity-centered funding from federal, state and local governments to address community needs.

Why was Loving Cities created?

Trillions of dollars in federal funds are being distributed to states, localities, and institutions/organizations as a part of COVID relief and infrastructure legislation. From measures to close racial disparities in health, education, and wealth, to improving the built environment and transportation through economic development and revitalization, these resources have the potential to change the trajectory of families and communities if they are appropriately directed. In order to get their fair share to close these critical gaps, communities must be aware of what’s available to them and supported in their efforts to advocate and secure their interests at the local and state levels.

Loving Cities measures span four domains:

4 Domains: Care, Stability, Commitment, and Capacity

How does Loving Cities work?

Loving Cities provides tools, materials, training, technical assistance, and strategic advice to help local racial equity collaboratives in towns and cities influence budgeting and grant making processes that results in increased, sustained, and full racial equity investments in underserved communities. A national Collaborative for Racial Equity Working group (CREW) also provides technical assistance, highlights what’s working on the ground, and serves as an educational focal point for other cities and towns seeking to direct more resources towards historically underserved communities.

What does Loving Cities hope to achieve?

Loving Cities seeks to reduce disparities in low income communities of color and build a permanent community-based leadership structure focused on promoting and achieving racial equity and prosperity.

What is Schott’s role in Loving Cities?

The Schott Foundation for Public Education created Loving Cities. It raises funds for the initiative as well as other resources to support its Loving Cities grassroots partners. Schott is a national public fund that fuels racial & education justice movements and promotes equity & opportunity in public education.

Which local partners are currently involved in Loving Cities?

  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte
  • Dallas
  • Jackson
  • Miami

How can my city get involved?

If your city would like to be part of Loving Cities, contact OTL Network Director Michael Wotorson.

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Invest in Loving Cities

Talk with our Senior Development Associate, Melissa Wiggins, to learn how you can partner with Schott in this important work.