Philanthropy Must Act Now

These first two weeks in Trump’s America have been chaotic and stressful, but already emblematic of the dire needs philanthropy must step up to, writes Edgar Villanueva, Schott’s vice president of programs and advocacy in a new article for the Huffington Post. From those who could be left out of affordable health care to those bandied about in an educational system with an uncertain future to immigrants and refugees encountering the suffering that they were attempting to flee, this short time has lit a fire in all of us working on the progressive side of philanthropy.

But, he says, even funders aren’t immune to changes and dangers that could be inherent to a Trump administration. Some suspect that foundations could be targeted as a source of revenue, and that our ability to support work that goes against Trump’s agenda could be detrimentally affected. Others are concerned that tax policies that encourage giving could be curtailed and new limits on our political activities could be implemented. And, in the wake of the fallout from both Clinton and Trump’s foundations, foundations collectively face an uphill battle to restore public trust.

He offers five actions philanthropies should take now in the Trump era.

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