A Racial Equity Stimulus


A Call for a Racial Equity Stimulus

Out of the urgent need to decouple America’s vision of democracy and opportunity from America’s historic vehicles of racism and oppression, this moment calls for Congress to enact a Racial Equity Stimulus. A bold, targeted fiscal policy is vital to stimulate progress closing racial disparities—a new reconstruction investment in building one America and providing all students an opportunity to learn and reach their full potential.

A multi-year, $10-12 trillion federal RACIAL EQUITY STIMULUS. This package is focused on investing in our states, urban, rural, and tribal communities, and most importantly, in historically under-supported American children and families.

Over the past several years, the Schott Foundation’s Loving Cities Index has documented the racial disparities in supports for children in families in major cities across the country. The link between structural racism and the opportunity for children of color to learn and thrive is so interwoven that aggressively reducing racial disparities is the clearest pathway to ensuring their educational opportunities, social mobility, and democratic participation for generations to come.

What will the Racial Equity Stimulus include?

The stimulus package should be designed to kickstart progress where disparities have been most pronounced. Specifically, policymakers should start in several key areas:

Liberate Learning for All

Through significant investments from birth and throughout the public pre-K12 education system, as well as post-secondary education through free community college, and significant investments in HBCUs and other minority serving institutions.
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Close Wealth Gaps

Through increasing home ownership, small business investments, and capital in Black banks and other financial institutions which more often invest in communities and people of color.

Reduce Criminal Justice Disparities

Through significant state and local community infrastructure investments in job training and placement, judicial system reforms, and community infrastructure projects including investments in community organizing institutions.

Promote the Well-being of America’s Families

By guaranteeing access to healthcare, eliminating education debt, investing in family leave, and targeted tax policies which give working families greater financial security.

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