WeCantWait Photo Campaign Shows What’s Missing in Underfunded Schools

New York State owes its students billions in school funding it refuses to provide. Now, a powerful photo campaign from the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE) is showing exactly what’s missing from schools as a result.

Taking pictures with hand written signs and posting them to Twitter with the hashtag #WeCantWait, the students, parents and teachers of New York are calling for common sense, day-to-day resources for their schools, things like pre-k, art and music classes, libraries, more ESL teachers, smaller class sizes and a desk for every student. There’s a lot that students are forced to go without. It’s time for Albany to provide the funding that the state’s own constitution and Supreme Court say schools deserve. 

Check out some of the great pictures above, or view AQE’s full photo gallery here. Join the #WeCantWait campaign by making your own sign and show why New York schools deserve full, fair school funding!