Educate NY Now Bus Tour to Albany Protest Event!

Educate NY Express

Today’s the day!

Advocates from across New York, many of whom we’re proud to count among our friends and allies, are boarding Albany-bound buses today heading to an Educate NY Now protest event at the state’s capitol. Their mission: to protest the inequities that are rampant in NY’s public school funding system and that are denying children across the state access to a fair and substantive opportunity to learn.

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As Educate NY Now explains: “In the past few budgets, there have been $2.7 billion in cuts made to state education aid. At the same time, the State has enacted a limit on state aid and the property tax cap. These two state policies combined ensure that our schools will be made to cut from their already devastated programs year in and year out.”

To highlight the impact of these policies, advocates headed to Albany will be brining with them scrolls detailing which educational opportunities and resources their local districts have been forced to cut due to reduced state aid. The theme of this “scroll project” is the Langston Hughes quote “A dream deferred is a dream denied,” which is sadly an all-too-apt description of the situation facing so many students in NY and across the country.

Click here or see the event flyer below to learn how you can hop on a bus or plan a stop in your area. And click here for more details about the accompanying scroll project.