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Webinar: First Look at The Loving Cities Index

In the midst of our current challenges and unique political moment, it is necessary to declare a new day in America for our young people. America’s new day must start by acknowledging the fact that providing all children an opportunity to learn requires that we provide them with the supports they need to thrive outside the school, starting at birth.

Throughout American history, the policies and practices that created opportunity gaps from birth have been baked into the ecosystem of local and state systems. It is well documented that many of these policies and practices were rooted in implicit racial bias at best, and explicit racism and hate at worst. Even today, far too many of the the policies and practices that govern how cities manage and resource housing, education, healthcare, transportation, workforce development, criminal justice, and civic engagement reinforce inequity in outcomes for children and families of color compared to their White peers by creating a system of barriers to success across all facets of a child’s living and learning environments from the time of their birth.

Today, our best shot for healing communities of their achievement gap is by addressing the larger living climate opportunity gaps. Likewise, our best chance for supporting healing in communities harmed by practices rooted in hate is through current practices that create loving systems.

During the webinar we discussed a groundbreaking new tool to both assess and transform our communities—the Loving Cities Index—and the first ten cities we’re covering.


Our speakers included:
  • Dr. John H. Jackson, President & CEO, Schott Foundation for Public Education
  • Dr. Cassie Schwerner, Senior Vice President of National Partnerships
  • Allison Brown, Consultant, Community Wealth Partners