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Let’s Get These Billions: Grassroots Strategies to Ensure Recovery Money Goes to Equity and Justice

A National Opportunity to Learn Network Grantee Partners Meeting

Will the billions of dollars in the recovery bill move us toward education justice, or will they exacerbate the race, gender, and class inequities we have been fighting against?

States must submit plans by June 7th to the federal government on how they’ll spend the $123 billion earmarked for education in American Rescue Plan (ARP). The Department has also specified that states must seek input from students, educators and community groups in developing those plans.

  • Alliance for Quality Education Executive Director Jasmine Gripper and Advocacy & NYC Director Zakiyah Ansari will offer us concrete lessons learned from the fight for fair funding in New York State and the actions AQE is taking today to organize communities.
  • Californians for Justice Strategy Director Saa’un P. Bell will show how organizing the community at state and local levels has dramatically shifted education funding priorities in California. CFJ is engaging allies and decision-makers to act courageously to rebuild and reimagine schools that center racial justice.
  • FutureEd Editorial Director Phyllis W. Jordan will dive into the details of public education money available in the ARP

If education justice groups don’t organize to determine where this money goes, someone else will. Are you in?