Are You a Proud Public School Grad?

The Schott Foundation launched #PublicSchoolGrad to highlight the positive outcomes from our nation’s public schools and students.

Public School Grad banner

Since their founding, local public schools and their educators have produced America’s most brilliant artists, scientists, doctors, musicians, lawyers, presidents, and more — people from all walks of life, contributing to society in countless ways. #PublicSchoolGrad is a strategic national effort to elevate and reinforce positive narratives about America’s public education system by displaying the extraordinary talent that exists among our diverse public school students, the next generation of leaders, and by increasing awareness and appreciation for the contributions public schools and their teachers have made to every sector in American society.

#PublicSchoolGrad strategy includes:

  1. High visibility local events highlighting the brilliant talent and accomplishments of current public school students.
  2. Engaging celebrity public school graduates who are leaders in diverse sectors and fields in high-profile social media and online campaigns to proclaim pride in their public school education and its contributions to their life and career.
  3. A national multi-media, multi-platform communications effort to create an echo chamber to amplify the positive messages.
Join us in this effort to highlight the brilliance produced by your local public school. Are you a proud #PublicSchoolGrad? Take a selfie with the name of your high school and #PublicSchoolGrad to tell the world that public education is the lifeblood of your community, and is worth standing up for!

Are You a Proud Public School Grad?