Our Work

Schott’s strategic work to achieve systemic change is concentrated in three major initiatives:

National Opportunity to Learn Network

Schott’s strategic investment in movement building is focused on investing in infrastructure and capacity, organizing networks and coalitions, linking ideas and policy to organizing, juggling several campaigns simultaneously so that they are always in motion... able to survive defeats and build on victories.

Schott has been a leader in raising national consciousness around the opportunity gaps that cause significantly lower outcomes in high school and post-secondary attainment for students of color and low-income students. The Opportunity to Learn Network (OTL) unites a diverse nationwide coalition of Schott grantees and allied organizations working to secure a high quality public education for all students.

In addition to making direct grants and leveraging funding from philanthropic partners, Schott provides extensive resources and technical assistance — because we know building grassroots movements requires more support than money.

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Healthy Living and Learning Communities

Healthy Living and Learning CommunitiesAs racism and hate undergird the obstacles children face, the Schott Foundation is working to create sustained cross-sector collaboration to create local loving systems from birth and promote an opportunity to learn and thrive.

Public schools are a critical platform to address the many intersectional issues that make up a Healthy Living and Learning Community.

In early 2018, Schott released the Loving Cities Index report, a framework to help cities evaluate how well they are doing at providing all children – regardless of race, gender, or zip code – with the supports and opportunities they need to learn and succeed. The report highlights a large and growing body of research showing a clear connection between economic and racial inequality and opportunity gaps in areas like housing, health care and community involvement. These issues lie outside of the traditional education realm, but are intimately linked to high school and college attainment. The Loving Cities Index is designed to help cities begin the kinds of conversations and collaborations needed to adopt a comprehensive system of supports.

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The Schott Foundation launched the #PublicSchoolGrad campaign to strategically coordinate efforts to elevate and reinforce positive narratives about America’s public education system and achieve the public and political will necessary to obtain equitable investments to provide all students an opportunity to learn. #PublicSchoolGrad is national effort displaying and highlighting the extraordinary talent that exists among our diverse public school students—the next generation of leaders—and by increasing awareness and appreciation for the contributions public schools and their teachers have made to every sector in American society.

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