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Mixed Bag of Victories and Set Backs in NY State Budget

After months of intense organizing in Albany and across the state, education organizers in New York got a mix of victories and setbacks in the new state budget.

Education organizers rallied in Albany in early March. 
Picture via Citizen Action of NY

Rally in Albany for NY Public Schools

Chanting "We Can't Wait!" and marching through downtown Albany, over 2,000 teachers, advocates, parents, and students rallied last Wednesday for an increase in state funding for public schools. Despite a 2006 ruling from the New York state supreme court that held that New York had failed to provide public schools with adequate educational resources under the state constitution, many schools have yet to receive the required level of funding.

What Will It Take to Build a National Movement for Education Justice?

University of Massachusetts professor Mark Warren has published a valuable primer for understanding how our schools and students are impacted by broader inequalities in our society and how the seeds of an emerging education justice movement can take root and flourish into a political force to be reckoned with.

Mark Warren


How Arkansas' Commitment to Fair School Funding Has Helped Students

Following the landmark Lake View court case in Arkansas over a decade ago, the state has made huge strides in equalizing school funding and trying to give all students access to a great public education – but there's still room for improvement.

Following the landmark Lake View court case in Arkansas over a decade ago, the state has made huge strides in equalizing school funding and trying to give all students access to a great public education.

New Report, "Gubernatorial Delinquency," Documents Underfunding in NYC Schools

A report from the Alliance for Quality Education says NY Governor Andrew Cuomo owes New York City public schools $2,667 per student, which adds up to $2.5 billion worth of resources currently being withheld from the city's students, teachers and their schools.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo owes New York City public schools $2,667 per student. Given that NYC is the country's largest school district, that debt adds up to the tune of $2.5 billion worth of resources currently being withheld from students, teachers and their schools. 

New Video: The Illusion of School Choice in New Orleans

Part 2 of the ongoing series "A Perfect Storm: The Takeover of New Orleans Public Schools," chronicles how the city's struggling public schools were seized by the state following Hurricane Katrina and handed over to private, charter school operators. Now, in the nation's first all-charter school district, New Orleans parents and students must contend with the failures of this massive experiment in "school choice."

New Video: The Illusion of School Choice
and the Failures of Education Reform in New Orleans

It's been almost a decade since the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, but for parents, students and teachers in New Orleans, the fallout of that devastating storm continues today.

Black Lives Matter: The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males

The Schott Foundation for Public Education has released "Black Lives Matter," the 2015 installment of its biennial 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males. The report's latest estimates for national public high school graduation rates are 59 percent for Black male students, 65 percent for Latino males, and 80 percent for White, non-Latino males.


Congress Has Forgotten Its Role in Promoting Equity in Education

It's been nearly 50 years since the passage of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, but Congress, stuck in a debate about the role of high-stakes testing in school reform, seems to have forgotten the law's original commitment to ensuring fairness in education funding.

Joe Bishop, Director of Policy
for the OTL Campaign

Room for Improvement in MA with Pre-k, Wraparound Services and College Prep

As part of its annual Condition of Education in the Commonwealth report, the Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy has outlined three ways Massachusetts can build on its already strong education system to better prepare students for school, support them while they're there, and help them make the transition to college or a career.

Massachusetts' schools are consistently ranked among the best in the nation. The state's success is due in large part to its 1993 Education Reform Act, which introduced a set of high achievement standards and a fair school funding system to provide schools with the resources to help students meet those standards.

The State of Our Schools

In the Alliance for Quality Education's State of Our Schools speech, Zakiyah Ansari takes NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to task for failing to fix persistent inequities in public school funding. Her call for fairness and opportunity in education could apply just as well to states across the country.

President Obama may have just given his annual State of the Union Address to Congress, but the speech we've been waiting to hear is the Alliance for Quality Education's State of Our Schools speech. 


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