Mission and Strategy

The Schott Foundation is a national public fund serving as a bridge between philanthropic partners and advocates to build movements to provide all students an opportunity to learn.

Our mission is to develop and strengthen a broad-based and representative movement to achieve fully-resourced, quality PreK-12 public education.

Our core beliefs guide our strategy for systemic change:

Our core beliefs guide our strategy for systemic change:

Grassroots Leadership

Grassroots movements for racial justice and education equity are central to creating systemic change to address disparities that deny children of color and low-income children a fair and substantive opportunity to learn.


High-quality public schools are the critical platform in every community to transform the lives of at-risk students. However, change that stops at the schoolhouse door isn’t enough. It also requires breaking down silos and fostering deep and sustained cross-sector collaborations to create healthy living and learning communities.


Schott brings bold, innovative strategies to its pivotal dual role as both a funder and an advocacy partner, creating collaborations with our philanthropic partners and providing funding as well as other necessary strategic resource supports:

  • Funding: In addition to making direct grants, Schott leverages funding for grantees through our philanthropic partnerships and provides technical assistance from grantwriting to crowdsourcing to help sustain and grow grassroots organizations.
  • Resources: Building grassroots movements requires more than money. Schott provides key research and a host of other supports to build capacity and increase impact. We work closely with grantees to tailor resources to meet their needs, build networks and foster information sharing so organization leaders learn from one another.
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