By the Numbers: Schott’s 2022 Support for Grantees

Throughout 2022 we worked closely with our grassroots grantee partners to advance racially just policies and initiatives to provide all students an opportunity to learn through public education.

As a BIPOC-led national fund and movement-building organization, we seek to dramatically increase the capacity of community organizations in three regions, Northeast, South, and West.

As a philanthropic intermediary, we leverage funding to increase local parent and youth-led organizations’ effectiveness, results, and impact at a scale higher than any individual contribution would allow.

In addition to hundreds of hours of technical and strategic support, in 2022 we granted more than two million dollars to groups across the country:

Grantmaking Totals 2022

Our first priority at Schott is to raise the funds the education justice movement needs to build a better and more equitable future for public school students. Thanks to our decades of working closely with youth and parent organizations making a difference in communities across the country, you’ll know that every dollar you give will go where it’s needed and can be used most effectively.