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Webinar: Radical Self Care: A Necessary Movement-Building Strategy

Our latest Grassroots Education Series webinar was dedicated to YOU — the very people who are working in coalition with others at every level in your communities to protect, restore and advance opportunities for now and future generations. We heard your resolutions to continue to: fight for social, economic, racial and gender justice; become more engaged; stay more present; make more calls; educate more people; be more patient; build new relationships; focus on your health (and stay hydrated, exfoliated and moisturized all at the same time!).

We explore self-care and examine what care and support can look like while working in coalition and movement spaces. How do we shine bright without burning out? How do we create space to support and sustain us in our efforts? What tools and perspectives can we use in difficult times and under challenging circumstances to help us work more effectively together? Based on last year, what are some key leadership lessons we have learned and new leadership challenges we are willing to embrace? How do we authentically engage others and successfully build power in our communities in order to win in this toxic political environment?


Our speakers included:
  • Sayra Pinto, PhD, MFA, Director of Leadership Education, Wildacres Leadership Initiative
  • Akaya Windwood, President, Rockwood Leadership Institute
  • Carlos Rojas Álvarez, Special Projects consultant, Youth on Board
  • Marianna Islam, Director of Programs & Advocacy, Schott Foundation (moderator)