Kendra joined The Schott Foundation in November 2022. A lover of all things philanthropy and community development, she spent most of her career working for and alongside nonprofit and advocacy organizations. A long-time fundraising professional, she enjoys connecting organizations with funding, while creating shifts in traditional philanthropy practices. She has served as an Executive Director of the LRADAC Foundation, Development Director of Palmetto Place, Senior Development Officer for Winthrop University, Strategic Partnerships Manager for SC Thrive, and Founder of The Grey Crayon. She’s helped organizations secure funding while creating sustainable systems that produce lasting impact. Kendra is also a current board member of The Hive Community Circle and AFP Central South Carolina. When she’s not with her children and husband, you’ll find her researching new places to travel and scratch off her bucket list.  Her belief is, “Not everyone is gifted with the ability to see the world as a creative canvass. Those who are, should paint for others.”