ListeningWorks: Transforming and Connecting Communities Through Radical Listening and Vulnerability

Thursday May 24, 2018 –

Schott partnered with Youth On Board for our latest webinar:

In order to win in the current political climate, our social movements need to be more effective, more resilient, and more rooted in collective healing than ever before. Youth on Board’s ListeningWorks project is harnessing the power of radical listening to strengthen social movements, build bridges between divided communities and create a shared vision of liberation. Using our signature Action & Support model—refined over twenty five years and based on radical listening, restorative justice and social emotional learning—we are building a national cohort of movement builders, civic leaders and community organizers dedicated to transforming healing and support systems for themselves and deepening engagement with their communities using a relational and love-centered approach. We invite you to learn about our model and join our efforts to heal movements and communities across the country.

Our speakers included:

Esteniolla Maitre, ListeningWorks Project Manager, Youth on Board

Carlos Rojas Alvarez, ListeningWorks Project Manager, Youth on Board

Marianna Islam, Director of Programs & Advocacy, Schott Foundation for Public Education (moderator)

Resources to download

ListeningWorks information and application [PDF]

Webinar PowerPoint slides [PPT]