Mass Incarceration

Family Separation in America Goes Beyond Immigration Policy

Allison Brown
We must continue to stand with our brothers and sisters from other nations that are fighting for their human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We also have an opportunity to use this moment and the power of our collective passion to fight against the family separation that has become common place in America over the past several decades, often unnoticed and without the same passion and resistance. Any time we lock up adults or children for nonviolent crimes, instead of showing compassion for their situation and a productive path forward, we are separating families. Instead, we need to adopt Loving Systems. Systems that take individual circumstances into consideration and create access to supports and rehabilitation that keep families together and enable them to thrive.

The issue of family separation has grabbed national headlines and public attention, as we have all witnessed the adoption and subsequent resistance against inhumane immigration policy.

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