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September 5, 2012

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Solutions Not Suspensions Launch Event

  Hear the Grassroots Voices at the "Solutions Not Suspensions" Los Angeles Launch Event


Solutions Not Suspensions

Solutions Not Suspensions is calling for a moratorium on out-of-school suspensions and the implementation of positive discipline alternatives in schools across the country.

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Ed Voters PA Advocate Summit

Want to learn about education policy in PA and how to organize in your local community?
Join Education Voters PA on Sept. 22!

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Jonathan Kozol Speaking Events
Acclaimed education author Jonathan Kozol will be speaking at events across the country in the coming months to promote his new book, Fire in the Ashes.

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Solutions Not Suspensions
Who's With Us? Supporters Sign on to End Suspensions!
Two weeks ago the OTL Campaign joined the Dignity in Schools Campaign to launch "Solutions Not Suspensions: A call for a moratorium on out-of-school suspensions." The initiative is gaining momentum, racking up endorsements and grabbing the attention of both national and local media outlets. Add your voice to the call and help build a national movement to stop suspensions! Check out some of the media hits about the initiative so far, as well as video and photos from the "Solutions Not Suspensions" launch event in Los Angeles! Read more>

Personal Education Plans
NC Law Ensures OTL Resources
Similar to the OTL Campaign’s policy proposal for Personal Opportunity Plans, North Carolina has passed a law that requires schools to develop a customized Personal Education Plan (PEP) for every student considered to be at risk of academic failure—and provide proven educational strategies such as tutoring, mentoring, coaching, smaller classes, after-school instruction or summer school. See North Carolina Justice Center’s guidebook about the PEP law to support involvement and advocacy by NC parents. Read more>

Arkansas Campaing for Grade-Level Reading
Investing Where It Counts: Early Reading Proficiency
Great news for children in Arkansas! A new campaign is fighting to ensure that all third-grade students are reading proficiently by 2020. The Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, coordinated by the Winthrop Rockerfeller Foundation and supported by several OTL allies, is pushing for better access to early childhood education and summer programs, a reduction in chronic absenteeism and an increase in parent and community engagement. Read more>

PA and NY Advocates Reform Discipline Codes
Thanks to the organizing efforts of students, parents, teachers and advocates, public schools in both Philadelphia and New York City will implement new discipline codes that emphasize the need to keep students in the classroom rather than pushing them out of school. Many of the groups involved in the push for reform in both cities are part of the national "Solutions Not Suspensions" initiative.
Learn about Philadelphia's new code>

Learn more about NYC's new code>

MassBudget Logo
Good Intentions Gone Wrong: Inequity in MA Funding
If you're confused by the intricacies of Massachusetts's state education funding system, and in particular its "foundation budget," you're not the only one. So sit back and let the folks at Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center demystify the whole process and explain how a two-decades-old law is denying low-income school districts the resources they need to adequately educated their students. Read more>

Really, Gov. Walker, These Policies Just Aren't Working
Welcome to Fairly Normal, WI. It's a fictional but entirely average public school district in Wisconsin and, like other districts across the state, Fairly Normal is finding it increasingly difficult to keep its doors open, let alone educate its students, as a result of state education policies that are undermining the district's finances. In fact, Fairly Normal is staring down the barrel at fiscal insolvency and bankruptcy by the 2015-16 school year unless policymakers get their priorities straight. Read more>


Unequal Education
Unequal Education: Less Spending on Students of Color
Education redlining is hurting schools and students across the country, according to a report from the Center for American Progress. "Unequal Education: Federal Loophole Enables Lower Spending on Students of Color" reveals the direct and disturbing relationship between the racial composition of schools and how much those schools spend to educate their students: As Black student enrollment rises, instructional expenditures decline. This report is a valuable tool for understanding how bad education policies, in this case the "comparability loophole" in Title I funding, allows students of color to be systematically denied a fair and equitable opportunity to learn. How does your state measure up? Read more>

  • Not-So-Universal Pre-K in NY: New York's "universal pre-K" is a misnomer. A policy analyst from the Alliance for Quality Education explains why current policies, which cap the number of pre-k spots available and reduce funding, are denying children across the state the early childhood education resources they need. Read more>

  • Apartheid Education in America: Jonathan Kozol's new book, "Fire in the Ashes," makes "inescapably clear" the effects of poverty in America's classrooms and documents how policies in schools, communities and social services deny opportunities to the country's poorest students. Read more>

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