September 14th, 2015


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New Report: School Takeovers Disenfranchise Communities of Color

The Alliance to Reclaim our Schools' new report, called Out of Control: the Systematic Disenfranchisement of African American and Latino Communities through School Takeovers, illuminates the undemocratic and unjust ways school takeovers shut these communities out of a voice in their own educational resources. When the state takes over a school district and replaces it with charter schools, they deprive parents and community members of a locally-elected school board and thus a voice in the process. Read more>

Back To School in a Season of Revolt

This year, in communities like Chester Upland and Chicago’s South Side, in Seattle, and in the opt-out movement that is picking up steam across the country, parents, students, teachers and community members are making common cause to beat back the corporate education reformers who use standardized tests to label schools and teachers as “failing,” hand over public schools to private operators, and cut funds for poor kids. Read more>

Hunger Strikers Bring National Attention to Dyett High School

Walter H. Dyett High School is the last public, open enrollment high school in its historic Chicago Black neighborhood, and its community, led by education organizers and advocates, are rallying to save it. Read more>

An Open Letter to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Hundreds of individuals and organizations have signed onto a letter to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel:
"We are all supporters of the Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology High School, and see both the proposal and the process as models for true investment in high quality public schools. We applaud the hunger strikers and the people that have come out to support them and we are heartened by your decision to re-open Dyett as an open-enrollment school." Read more>

U.S. Department of Education Awards 12 Community School Grants

There's been some good news recently for all supporters of community schools: the U.S. Department of Education has awarded 12 new grants to organizations developing full-service community schools. The awards total almost $6 million. Read more>

‘The Teacher Shortage’ Is No Accident—It’s the Result of Corporate Education Reform Policies

The reality is that speaking of a “shortage” at all is a kind of ideological dodge; the word calls to mind some accident of nature or the market, when what is actually happening is the logical (if not necessarily intended) result of education reform policies. Read more>


New Report Assesses Philanthropy's Role in School Discipline Reform

Several years ago, The Atlantic Philanthropies launched a four-year, $47 million initiative to promote positive school discipline reform, to keep children in school and dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. As their grantmaking draws to a close, Atlantic is sharing their story to inform and inspire others to continue the fight for a safe, fair, and just school climate for every child. Read more>

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