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August 9, 2012

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  Communities for Public Education Reform: Who We Are and What We Do


Yes She Can Education Summit
Join Girls Inc. of NY and the Brooklyn Girls Collaborative for their 2012 Education Summit!
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stop redlining

New York City's public schools are being redlined: the practice of systematically denying resources to poor and minority neighborhoods. Tell Mayor Michael Bloomberg to stop redlining schools! 

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Civil Rights Project
Millions of Students Locked Out of the Classroom
There's no other way to put it. Through misguided discipline policies, which have a clearly disparate impact on students of color, millions of students are being denied an opportunity to learn. The result? Ever more youth are driven out of the classroom and into the pipeline to prison. In "Opportunities Suspended: The Disparate Impact of Disciplinary Exclusion From School," the Center for Civil Rights Remedies at UCLA's Civil Rights Project analyzes data from 7,000 school districts across the country and paints a distrubing picture of ineffective policies and systemic bias. Read more>

OTL - Wisconsin
Seriously, What's the Holdup With Early Childhood Ed?
It seems we have another case of politics and penny-pinching overriding common sense and educational research, writes Thomas Beebe, Project Manager for Opportunity to Learn - Wisconsin. High-quality early childhood education for all children is one of the best investments we can make. So why aren't we doing it? Because our elected officials lack the will and the courage to do what is right and help communities find the resources they need to provide all students with access to quality early education opportunities. Read more>

Early Education for All Logo
About Time: New MA Panel To Focus on Early Reading
Early reading skills lay the foundation for all later learning, which makes closing the achievement gap in early reading particularly important. Thanks to the work of Massachusetts advocacy groups like Strategies for Children's Early Education for All campaign, MA policymakers are taking steps to close the state's achievement gap in third grade reading by creating an "Early Literacy Expert Panel." Read more>

Educate NY NOW!
Will You Stand Up For Your Local School?
The New York Education Commission is holding public hearings in cities across New York and they want to hear from you! Take advantage of this opportunity to defend local schools and advocate for a fair and equitable opportunity to learn for all children. Check out this flyer from Educate NY Now to learn how to register to speak at a Commission hearing and post comments on the Commission's online forum. Read more>

Public Advocates Logo
It's Time For a Reality Check on Teacher Quality
The current "Highly Qualified Teacher" (HQT) amendment to the federal Appropriations Bill allows teachers-in-training to be designated as "highly qualified." In a column for the Huffington Post, John Affeldt, Managing Attorney at Public Advocates, deftly explains what the HQT amendment does, what faulty logic and research support it and why we need a reality check on how this misleading label has allowed teachers-in-training to be concentrated in struggling schools to the detriment of our nation's low-income students and students of color. Read more>


Pew Research Center
Rising Income Segregation & What It Means For Schools
The Pew Research Center's new report "The Rise of Residential Segregation by Income" finds that neighborhoods in cities across the country are becoming increasingly poorer or richer. With public school funding systems that are predominantly based on local property taxes, the rise of income segregation is decreasing equitable opportunity in our nation's schools. The report includes interactive maps of residential segregation in the top 10 metropolitan areas. How has income inequality affected your local community? Read more>

Education Redlining Webinar
Full-Length Video of Our Education Redlining Webinar
Weren't able to tune in for the National OTL Campaign's webinar on education redlining? Don't worry, we recorded the whole thing! Watch and learn how to identify instances of education redlining, in which bad policies systematically deny resources and opportunities to certain communities, and what you can do to stop it. You'll hear from panelists Michael Holzman, Senior Research Consultant for the Schott Foundation for Public Education, and Jennifer LaFleur, Director of Computer Assisted Reporting at ProPublica. Read more>

  • Lessons on Movement Building from a Lifelong Advocate: At the Children's Defense Fund 2012 national gathering, David Lawrence, Jr., the chair of The Children's Movement of Florida, gave an inspiring speech about the role of advocacy in building a sustainable future. Read more>

  • What Makes a Test Fair?: In the New York Times Sunday Dialogue section, Pedro Noguera, the Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education at New York University, urges the adoption of an assessment that would address the gross inequities among schools that contribute to unequal outcomes. Read more>

  • CA Residents Support Higher Taxes for Education: There's public will for better supporting schools in California where 64 percent of residents said they would shell out more in taxes to boost public school funding.  Read more>

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