August 25, 2017

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  New Video from Grantee Partner Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools
Keron Blair at the Citizens' March Against Trump Budget Cuts

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Schott Webinar: 
How Do You Build Inclusive Leadership in Philanthropy?
Wednesday, August 30, 2017
2:00 pm EDT
Kirsten LevingstonAntoinette Malveaux
Sherece WestToya Randall

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 Film Premiere & Roundtable with Matt Damon:
Backpack Full of Cash

September 13, Boston, MA

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 Neighborhood Funders
Group Webinar:
Native Communities, Policing, and Mass Criminalization
September 25, 1:00pm EST

Moderated by Schott Foundation's Edgar Villanueva
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Raise UP Massachusetts:
Signature Collection Trainings

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 Youth CORE 2017 National Convening
Nov 16-19 - Albuquerque
Session proposals now open:

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Mobilizing Philanthropy to Improve School Climate for LGBTQ Youth

How can we ensure healthy school climates for LGBTQ youth, particularly youth of color in schools, in the present political environment? This was the animating question behind a wide-ranging funders briefing and strategy session held by the Schott Foundation for Public Education in partnership with Funders for LGBTQ Issues and Communities for Just Schools Fund in New York City on July 25th.

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News from the Schott Foundation

After Charlottesville: What Now?

by Dr. John Jackson
Schott President & CEO

What happened in Charlottesville is a national disgrace, but also a symptom of a chronic disease our country has suffered far too long. We acknowledge ourselves as a country founded on the genocide of one people and the enslavement of another, and one whose lingering malady causes us to trade in policies and institutions that isolate, reward, and punish on the bases of race, gender, religion, sexuality, and national origin. Read more >

How to Get a Job in Philanthropy

by Edgar Villanueva
Schott VP of Programs & Advocacy

I’ve seen more on-ramps into the field in a way that I never imagined. Even still, breaking into the field of philanthropy and navigating its fresh career pathways can still be a relatively mysterious process. I’m often approached by professionals who are interested in this work for advice, so here are some tips.
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Grantee Spotlight: Education Opportunity Network

What Happened to All the Teachers?

Mounting evidence should convince anyone who cares that providing students a guaranteed access to highly qualified teachers, no matter where they live – an ideal that’s never been a well-kept promise to begin with – is weakening even further.
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News and Resources from the OTL Network

How Black Women's Bodies are Violated as Soon as They Enter School

Today, black girls make up approximately 33% of girls referred to law enforcement or arrested on school grounds but only 16% of the female student population. Yet the discourse around the policing of youth and the “school-to-prison pipeline” continues to focus nearly exclusively on boys and young men.
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Oklahoma City Public Schools Might Sue State for Underfunding Education

The Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education is considering legal action against the legislature for underfunding education. Board member Mark Mann said the Oklahoma Legislature puts mandates on schools without giving them enough money to fulfill the obligations, which he says creates unfunded liabilities for Oklahoma City Public Schools and other districts across the state.
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Closing Failing Schools Doesn't Help Most Students, Study Finds

Closing low-performing schools seemed to be inevitable, given that other school improvement strategies have not had widespread success, researchers have found. But their findings show that the practice in and of itself does not lead to higher performance: students must have better schools to go to, and alternatives are often limited.
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