August 23, 2018

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Charter Schools are Draining California's Education Funding

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Southern California Grantmakers
September 17 • Los Angeles

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Edgar Villanueva
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News from Schott Foundation

Join Us in Congratulating Cassie Schwerner

Schott President & CEO
Dr. John H. Jackson:

"It's with joy and sadness that I announce that our friend, colleague and partner Dr. Cassie Schwerner has been selected to be the next Executive Director of the Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility in New York City."
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“Enduring and Resilient:” Tia Oros Peters on Indigenous Power and Philanthropy

Tia Oros Peters (Shiwi) serves as the Executive Director of the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples. She is also one of the founding mothers of the Global Indigenous Women’s Caucus. Tia has been engaged in community organizing, and national policy work for social, cultural and environmental justice for nearly three decades.
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Grantee Spotlight: Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools

Is Louisville Ground Zero in the Fight for Democratic Control of Public Schools?

The takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools is not a contest between ‘red vs. blue,’ but of whether democracy matters at all. District officials and local citizens are fighting back. A local coalition of officials, educators, and parents, known as the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, has staged rallies in front of the district administration headquarters, calling the takeover “an attack on democracy” and “a war on public schools.”
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News and Resources from the OTL Network

Landmark Pa. School-funding Lawsuit Appears Headed to Trial

Filed in 2014 by the Education Law Center and Public Interest Law Center on behalf of school districts, parents, and statewide organizations, the lawsuit alleges that Pennsylvania is violating its constitution by failing to adequately educate children and discriminating against children based on where they live.
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In DeVos’s Home State, Students Push for their Right to Literacy

Is literacy a constitutional right? The question is currently being weighed in court, and the ultimate ruling could be a landmark in the long struggle for education justice in America. Literacy has been, and continues to be, a critical component of African-American liberation, linked to both a physical and a psychological wellbeing.
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5 Steps for Liberating Public Education From Its Deep Racial Bias

Most educators value fairness and equality and want the best for all their students. However, we cannot underestimate the power of the unconscious to lead us to take actions, both at the individual and institutional levels, that undermine students' sense of belonging and unintentionally contribute to educational inequities.
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