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AR Grade Level Reading

Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Week!


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Philly Boycott

Philly Organizers: Fair Funding or We Boycott School

A coalition of parents, students, community members and faith leaders in Philadelphia is threatening to boycott the start of the school year if the district doesn't receive the funds it needs to safely open and staff the city's public schools. Read more>

New Ed Coalition "Boston Truth" Launched This Week

Boston Truth

A new coalition of students, parents and educators called “Boston Truth” launched this week. The group, which contains a number of OTL's Massachusetts allies, is promoting educational justice and equity at a time when Boston is facing major changes in its education landscape. Read more>

Failing to the Top: How Students Are Set Up to Fail

Education Opportunity Network As new Common Core-aligned tests roll out in the states and student scores plummet under the higher standards, it's worth looking at how students are set up to fail by education policies that establish standards without providing the resources and opportunities students need to meet them. Read more>

CA Law Ensures Rights of Transgender Students

GSA Network

In a first of its kind law, California has become the first state to require public schools to respect the gender identity of transgender students and ensure they are allowed to fully participate in school activities, sports teams and after-school programs. Read more>

Will You Join the Supports-Based Ed Movement?

Joe Bishop

By Joe Bishop, OTL Campaign
District, state and federal policies have focused primarily on efforts to raise standards, improve assessments, and evaluate teachers. Though important, these issues aren't effective drivers for significantly changing the learning conditions for students across the country. Read more>

Winning Justice at School: Victories in Ed Reform

Winning Justice

A great video series from the Public Interest Projects' Just and Fair Schools Fund profiles grassroots groups across the country who are making real progress in the fight to end harsh discipline policies and the school-to-prison pipeline. Padres y Jovenes Unidos, featured in Part 1, is a Denver-based OTL ally. Read more>

If You Build a Strong Workforce, Jobs Will Come

MassBudget and EPI

The best way to build a strong state economy isn't to cut taxes and hope businesses invest in your state and create jobs. Instead, the best way to ensure both economic prosperity and job creation is to invest in education. Overwhelmingly, a well-educated workforce is a better incentive for businesses than low tax rates. Read more>


A+ NYC's Policy Hub: Issues, Evidence & Solutions

A+NYC Policy Hub Public education has become a flashpoint of civic debate in New York City and nationally.
A+ NYC's Policy Hub provides short PDF summaries of the main issues at stake, the evidence, and positive solutions for ensuring all students have the resources and opportunities they need to succeed. Read more>

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