July 13, 2018

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Failing Brown v. Board

Tuesday, July 17 •  10:00am
feat. Schott President Dr. John H. Jackson, Jitu Brown and Beth Glenn
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Money for Our Movements Conference
July 27-29, 2018 • Atlanta

Featuring a Keynote by Schott Vice President Edgar Villanueva
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Schott Webinar:
Does Your State Make the Grade? Measuring Our Nation's Commitment to Public Schools

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Despite Judicial Setbacks, Massachusetts is Building a Stronger Education Justice Movement

The Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance’s convening was a bright light in an otherwise gloomy June — a light that may also shine a way forward for public education advocates. Especially now in the face of judicial and legislative setbacks, only through collaboration in cross-sector, multiracial coalitions will we be able to build the public and political will to ensure that every district is able to provide every child with a fair and substantive opportunity to learn. Read more >

News from the Schott Foundation

An Eye on the Buckeyes

Schott has been examining the adoption of whole-child supports in schools and communities across the country as part of our newly-launched Healthy Living and Learning Initiative. Schott's Senior Vice President of National Partnerships, Cassie Schwerner, was invited to Cincinnati to see how whole-child approaches have been adopted to provide students with health services, early learning opportunities and other needs that holistically support their learning and development.
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News and Resources from the OTL Network

A Conservative Supreme Court could Threaten the Education of Immigrant Students

The 1982 case of Plyler v. Doe, which prohibited school officials from considering immigration status when enrolling children, in recent years has been considered uncontroversial and settled into law. But what if a reconfigured Supreme Court with two Trump justices were to hear the case again?
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New Ohio Bill Aims To Bar Suspensions For Younger Students

A new analysis of state education data reveals tens of thousands of students across the state are removed from school before the fourth grade for minor discipline issues. To address these high rates, Ohio lawmakers have proposed prohibiting teachers from suspending younger students for lesser offenses.
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Religious Schools May Portend What DeVos Wants for the Nation

While fourteen states allow tax dollars to fund religious school vouchers, thirty-seven state constitutions contain Blaine Amendments, limiting state funding to religious schools. Many states have enacted policies that contravene or chip away at the Blaine protections, to the delight of DeVos, who has urged such restrictions be “assigned to the ash heap of history.”
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