June 29, 2017

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Hundreds Rally in Baltimore to Defend Education and Immigrant Rights

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Badass Teachers Association 4th Annual Education Conference
July 22-23 - Seattle, WA

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 March For Public Education
July 22 - Washington, DC

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  Interested in Working in Philanthropy?
July 24 - New York City

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  Coalition for Educational Justice & Urban Youth Collaborative
Education Justice Honor Roll Celebration
July 27 - New York City

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Grantee Spotlight:
Arkansas Advocates for Children & Families

Enormous Coverage Losses in Arkansas Under Senate Health Plan

The number of uninsured people would rise dramatically in every state under the Senate GOP health care bill, according to estimates from the non-partisan Urban Institute.

The number of uninsured Arkansas kids under the Senate bill would be 52,000, compared to 19,000 under current law, an increase of 171 percent.
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Schott Foundation News

What Philanthropy and Community Learned in the Wake of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting

In the aftermath of a violent attack aimed at LGBTQ and Latinx Orlando community members, one thing is certain: Orlando is united and strong. Moving forward, philanthropy must continue to collaborate to serve the communities that came under attack at the Pulse shooting, and not just in moments of crisis, but every day.
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Building ESSA Plans for Equity and Opportunity

Read the recap and watch our latest webinar on how communities can get involved in building their state's ESSA plans, including the top questions advocates should be asking:
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News and Resources from the OTL Network

How Private Funding Creates Disparities Among Detroit's Pre-K Classrooms

The tale of two pre-Ks is a problem well known in high-poverty school districts like Detroit that rely on the generosity of corporate and philanthropic donations to pick up where government resources leave off.

Districts are happy to accept gifts from private donors—baseball tickets or classroom supplies or money for school renovations. But inevitably, there’s not enough to go around. Schools then have to choose.
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Illinois Budget Vote Won’t Yet Solve School Funding Problems

Illinois got its long awaited budget last Thursday afternoon after the House, briefly delayed by a possible hazardous materials situation at the state Capitol, voted to override vetoes by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

But the state’s 800-plus school districts, including the broke Chicago Public Schools, will have to wait a little longer to see their financial problems resolved.
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Forget Grit. Focus on Inequality.

As we approach the final months of the school year, grit continues to be a national obsession. This so-called quality of grit refers to persistence toward a long-term future goal and has been received by many as a possible panacea for the racial and economic disparities in public schools.

Grit is an easy concept to fall in love with because it represents hope and perseverance, and conjures up images of working-class individuals living the “American dream.”
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