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July 11, 2012

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CEJ Campaign Recap

  An inspirational look back at the advocacy efforts of the Campaign for Educational Justice


Children's Defense Fund

The Children's Defense Fund Invites You To
Pursuing Justice for Children and the Poor: A Community and Youth Empowerment Conference
July 22-25 - Cincinnati, OH

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Save Our Schools Convention
Join Save Our Schools in Washington, D.C., for their 2012 National Convention!

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stop redlining

New York City's public schools are being redlined: the practice of systematically denying resources to poor and minority neighborhoods. Tell Mayor Michael Michael Bloomberg to stop redlining schools! 



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NYC Early Ed and Out-of-School Gets $75 Million Boost
Thanks to advocacy efforts from groups like the Campaign for Children NYC, a last minute budget deal in New York City will increase funding for the city's child care and out-of-school-time programs by $75 million, saving many of the programs from massive budget cuts and ensuring that low-income children have access to these vital opportunities. Read more>

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NY Students Will Get Their Day in Court
NY state will soon be held to account for its failure to provide the fair school funding necessary to ensure all students have a 'sound, basic education.' After a ruling from the State Court of Appeals, Hussein vs. The State of New York (also know as the Small Cities Schools case) will be allowed to proceed to trial after the state attempted to have the case thrown out. Read more>

Parents for Public Schools Logo
Watch Out Wisconsin: One Woman's Journey from Parent to Activist
Jamine Alinder's "call to action" came when budget cuts threatened the existence of her local school. Now a parent organizer and education activist in Milwaukee, she is a passionate defender of public education. In a guest post for the OTL Blog, she offers a powerful, personal perspective on the situation in her state and an inspiring look at the work she has done in her local community.   Read more>

No More 2-Week Suspensions in Chicago Public Schools
In a victory for Voices of Youth in Chicago Education and other education advocacy groups, the Chicago Board of Education has voted to eliminate two-week out-of-school suspensions for minor offenses. This is a milestone in the movement to end harsh school discipline policies in Chicago, though VOYCE members emphasize there's still a long way to go in eliminating policies that disproportionately affect students of color and drive them down the school-to-prison pipeline. Read more>

SIM on Time Cover!
OTL Student Activist Allies on TIME Cover
In the wake of President Obama's announcement that his administration would stop deporting eligible young immigrants, advocates across the country are celebrating the victory and their hard work in pushing for immigration reform. Youth advocates from OTL allies like the Student Immigrant Movement (Massachusetts) and Make the Road (New York) have been particularly active on the issue, landing them on nothing less than the cover of TIME magazine. Read more>


Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right Report
A Bully By Any Other Name
When it comes to stopping bullying in schools, policymakers and school administrators who push harsh discipline policies as punishment for bullies should take a long, hard look in the mirror. "Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right: Why Zero-Tolerance is Not the Solution to Bullying," a white paper co-authored by the Advancement Project, Alliance for Educational Justice, and Gay-Straight Alliance Network, criticizes the rise of zero-tolerance discipline policies in response to bullying. Zero-tolerance is a form of bullying in and of itself, not the solution to it. Read more>

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Southern States Have School Funding Fairness Problem
Southern states are doing a particularly unfair job providing their students with educational resources and opportunities. A recent report from the Education Law Center, "Is School Funding Fair? A National Report Card," provides statistics and analysis of the fairness of school funding formulas for every state. The Institute for Southern Studies has examined the data further and says that Southern states have some serious work to do in order to ensure every student has a fair opportunity to learn. Read more>

  • Over 100,000 Local Teaching Jobs Lost in Last Year: Last week's jobs and employment numbers weren't good. And they were downright tragic for teachers who, in the wake of education budget cuts across the country, are being let go from their professions in staggering numbers. Read more>

  • Chicago Activists: National Ed Reforms Violate Civil Rights: Education activists and community organizes in Chicago have joined advocates across the country to file formal civil rights complains against federal education policies like school closings, turnarounds and charter schools, which negatively affect students of color. Read more>

  • Homeless Students Top 1 Million: 44 states saw the number of homeless students increase in the past year. 15 states homess student population increased by one fifth or more. Without so much as a place to sleep, how are students expected to do well or teachers to overcome the disadvantages their students face? Read more>

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