OTL Campaign Newsletter June 4, 2014


Judith Browne Dianis

Judith Browne Dianis Talks School Closures with Melissa Harris-Perry


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National Week of Action Recap

Were You at the #Brownat60 National Week of Action?

The month of May marked the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education. Parents, students and educators nationwide took part in a National Week of Action to demand that our country renew its commitment to Brown's vision of equity and opportunity in education. Read more>

Victory in Illinois School Discipline Fight!

IL Law on Discipline Data

Thanks to the organizing work of grassroots groups like Voices of Youth in Chicago Education, the Illinois legislature passed a new law requiring public reporting of school discipline data. The law is a huge victory and a step toward ending the discriminatory use of suspensions and expulsions. Read more>

Newark Students Occupy School Board Meeting

Newark Students Occupy School Board

Members of the Newark Students Union shut down a school board meeting by holding an all-night sit-in. The students are fighting for the district to adopt the "Newark Promise" plan that would support all students with additional school resources. Read more>

Racism, School Closures and Public School Sabotage

Death by a Thousand Cuts

A report from the Journey for Justice Alliance, "Death by a Thousand Cuts," details how the widespread underfunding of public schools and policies like mass school closures and charter expansion are harming students in low-income communities of color – and what we can do instead to support all students. Read more>

Philly Student Dies, But No Money for School Nurses

Philly Student Dies With No Nurse on Duty

For the second time this school year, a Philadelphia student died after falling ill at school. Due to budget cuts, neither school had a full-time nurse on duty. Organizers in Philadelphia are calling for the resignation of city officials unless they can provide the full funding necessary to put a nurse in every school. Read more>

How Grassroots Voices Won NYC's Mayoral Election


A new issue of the The Annenberg Institute's Voices in Urban Education chronicles how grassroots organizers in New York City championed a new vision for education reform and shaped the mayoral election that put Bill de Blasio in office. Read more>

Building High Quality Early Support Systems

Early Education Policy Guide

The latest policy guide from the OTL Campaign gives state policymakers and early education advocates a blueprint for developing better-coordinated early support systems. Special thanks to Broader Bolder Approach to Education and Opportunity Action for helping produce this guide! Read more>


Building a Beloved Community

Building a Beloved Community

A new report by the Open Society Foundations and the Foundation Center is a must-read for anyone who cares about the rectifying the disparities in our society that impact young men and boys of color. Read more>

The Consensus Report on School Discipline

Consensus Report on School Discipline

This new report from the Council on State Governments Justice Center draws on hundreds of experts from the fields of education, health, law enforcement and juvenile justice to offer a consensus framework to address the overuse and misuse of harsh school discipline. Read more>

Understanding the Common Core in Arkansas

Arkansas Advocates

The Common Core State Standards have been adopted by 44 states and the District of Columbia. Admist a nationwide pushback to the standards, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families has released a short guide to help parents answer some of the biggest questions about the Common Core and its impact on their children's schools. Read more>

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