OTL Campaign Newsletter June 30, 2014


Revival from the Roots

Revival from the Roots: A Tour of Philly's Neighborhood Schools


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Perfect Storm: The Takeover of New Oreleans Public Schools

The Takeover of New Orleans Public Schools

The world watched in horror as Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005. But for New Orleans’ public school students, parents and teachers, the tragedy of Katrina was just the beginning. A new short video, "A Perfect Storm: The Takeover of New Orleans Public Schools," shows the inside story of how education officials and corporate reformers used the recovery from Katrina to make drastic changes to New Orleans’ schools with no community input or accountability. Read more>

MS Ballot Initiative Calls for Fair School Funding

MS Ballot Initiative

As part of the 50th Anniversary Freedom Summer conference, organizers in Mississippi are collecting signatures for a ballot initiative that would put the right to education and fair school funding in the state's constitution. Read more>

Rally in Philadelphia Against Govs. Corbett & Christie

Hundreds Rally in Philly

Hundreds of parents, students and teachers protested in Philadelphia outside a joint fundraising event for PA Gov. Tom Corbett and NJ Gov. Chris Christie. Protesters from both states are fighting for fair school funding and access to resources like full-time school nurses. Read more>

St. Paul Teachers, Community Build Powerful Coalition

The Power of Community

Over the past year, St. Paul, MN, has emerged as a leader in creating powerful labor-community partnerships. A new report from the St. Paul Federation of Teachers details how educators, parents and students banded together and used the union's 2014 contract negotiations to secure key resources and opportunities for all students. Read more>

Boston Students Sit-In for Youth Subway Passes

Sitting in for Youth Passes

Getting to school shouldn't depend on whether you can afford a subway pass. Students in Boston staged a protest and day-long sit-in at the State Transportation Building to demand acces to youth subway passes. Read more>

NYC To Invest $52 Million in Community Schools

NYC Community Schools Get a Boost

Over the next several years, New York City will invest $52 million to double the number of community schools in the city. These schools act as hubs for various kinds of wraparound supports from medical services and tutoring for students to English language classes and job training for parents. Read more>


Partnerships, NOT Pushouts: New OTL Policy Guide

Partnerships, Not Pushouts

A new policy guide from the OTL Campaign and national partners details how school board members can lead the way in securing a high quality education for each and every student in their district. This new guide can serve as a blueprint for creating a better-coordinated system of "whole-child" supports for children and their families. Read more>

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