June 3, 2017

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Massachusetts Rally for
Public Education

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Miss the fun? See what happened at our Forum and Gala:video

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Grantee Spotlight: Alliance for Quality Education

Trump's Education Budget: The Impact on New York

Schott grantee partner Alliance for Quality Education has released a new resource detailing the consequences of the White House's proposed budget on New York's public schools. AQE finds that New York schools stand to lose more than $433 million.
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News & Resources from the OTL Network

More than 4,000 Rally on Boston Common to Oppose Education Cuts

A rally for public education drew more than 4,000 people to Boston Common on Saturday, May 20, in opposition to anticipated cuts of $10.6 billion to federal education programs under President Trump’s new budget. Teachers, parents, and students performed music as protesters cheered and waved signs. Read more >
View photos from the rally >

Our School Funding Crisis Has A Cause: Bad Leadership

Research has consistently shown there is a direct correlation between what we spend on schools and how well our students perform on achievement tests and other measures. In states that were forced by court order to increase education spending, research shows students experienced gains in achievement. Read more >

School Vouchers Don't Just Undermine Public Schools, They Undermine Our Democracy

The Trump-DeVos budget and voucher plans, while still lacking in details, would eliminate more than 20 education initiatives, including after-school and summer programs, career and technical education, teacher professional development and funding to lower class size. Public money would go instead to schools that lack the accountability and civil rights protections of public schools. Read more >

Poll Shows Black and Latino Families Continue to See Disparities in Education

Perceptions of racial disparities remain strong among new education majority parents and families, and in some cases, are even more pronounced than last year.

The lack of funding for students of color is seen as the biggest cause of racial disparities in education, and racism has risen to become the second biggest driver among both African-American and Latino parents and families. Read more >

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