June 1, 2018

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Schott Webinar:
ListeningWorks: Transforming and Connecting Communities Through Radical Listening and Vulnerability

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Raise Up: Moving Money for Justice
Neighborhood Funders Group
June 5-7th, 2018 • St. Louis, MO

Featuring a talk on Decolonizing Wealth by Schott VP Edgar Villanueva
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Native Americans in Philanthropy
National Philanthropy Institute
June 13-15th, 2018
Santa Ana Pueblo, NM

Featuring a keynote and workshop with Edgar Villanueva
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Grantee Spotlight: Journey for Justice Alliance

"Wake up with Freedom on Your Mind": Hundreds Gather for Education Justice in Chicago

On the weekend of May 18-20, Journey for Justice Alliance (J4J) hosted over 200 attendees in Chicago, Illinois for their national conference: We Choose Equity, Not The Illusion of School Choice. J4J is a national alliance of grassroots community, youth, and parent-led base building groups organizing to win community-driven alternatives to the privatization of and dismantling of public school systems in their neighborhoods, states and nationally. Read more >

Schott Foundation News

Systems Change and Equity Go Hand-in-Hand

Complex, systemic challenges require sophisticated, long-term strategies to address them. The same is true for ending structural racism. With partners like the Schott Foundation for Public Education and BUILD Health Challenge, we are lucky to be learning alongside funders who know that systems change can’t happen without equity, and equity won’t be achieved without systems change.
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News and Resources from the OTL Network

What and Who Are Fueling the Movement to Privatize Public Education — and Why You Should Care

Public funding, private management — these four words sum up American-style privatization whether applied to airports, prisons, or elementary and secondary schools. In the last 20 years, the “ed-reform” movement has assembled a mixed bag of players and policies, complicated by alliances of convenience and half-hidden agendas.
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Cash Incentives for Charter School Recruitment: Unethical Bribe or Shrewd Marketing Technique?

In cash-strapped school districts, where traditional public schools and charters compete over funds, schools face acute financial pressure to attract and retain students. In recent years, some charter schools have discreetly turned to a controversial recruitment strategy: offering low-income families cash stipends or other prizes in exchange for drawing new students into their schools.
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Teachers Need New Tools to Make School Discipline Fair

Effective and equitable discipline practices not only keep students safe; they can also contribute to a learning environment that promotes engagement, trust, and academic achievement among all students.
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It's time for Pennsylvania to Address Education Funding

A recent study concluded that York City School District is the most underfunded school district, on a per-student basis, in Pennsylvania. The district also has the highest percentage of students living in acute, or extreme, poverty in Pennsylvania. Those statistics help demonstrate how unfair the current system of school funding is, stacked against those students who need the most support.
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