May 4, 2018

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Schott Webinar:
Webinar: Keeping Students First: Building Community Labor Partnerships for Strong Schools

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Journey for Justice Alliance National Conference

May 18-20, 2018 - Chicago

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Schott Webinar:
ListeningWorks: Transforming and Connecting Communities Through Radical Listening and Vulnerability

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Creating Loving Cities Rather Than
“Separate and Unequal”

Fifty years ago, the Kerner Commission report warned that the conditions for Black people in our cities and the policies being implemented across our country were creating a “system of apartheid,” with separate and unequal societies for Black and White people. In the years immediately following the release of the report, the federal government made some important adjustments, creating policies that addressed many of the income- and race-based inequities in our systems. Unfortunately, that era of progress was short-lived. Read more >

Grantee Spotlight: Kirwan Institute

Mapping School Discipline Equity in Ohio

The Kirwan Institute at Ohio University, a Schott grantee partner, recently released an analysis of school suspension data in Ohio. Researchers found that black students are suspended more often than their classmates, but that gap differed depending on the school — so they gave schools an equity score depending on the size of that gap.
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News from the Schott Foundation

Marianna Islam to Receive YWCA Erskine Award

YWCA Central Massachusetts has announced the winners of its annual Erskine Awards to honor extraordinary women and their achievements in the community. This year their honorees include Schott Director of Programs & Advocacy Marianna Islam.

“Marianna brings passion to her role as a philanthropic leader, youth worker and community organizer for racial, gender, economic and social justice,” the YWCA said in the announcement, noting a wealth of experience in the philanthropic sector.
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News and Resources from the OTL Network

The Right Lashes Out at Uprising Teachers

On the whole, teachers across the nation have strung together an impressive series of victories, including salary raises, pension reforms, and school funding increases. And teachers have vowed to take their unmet demands into November elections to contest their opponents at the ballot box. But the instincts of retribution that tend to drive rightwing politicians and their operatives have already spurred them to craft ways to strike back against teachers.
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Key Takeaways and Emerging Issues From the Feds' Massive Civil Rights Data Survey

The U.S. Department of Education released its 2015-16 Civil Rights Data Collection last week, updating the most comprehensive database there is on opportunity gaps, discipline disparities, and other civil rights issues for more than 50.6 million students in nearly every K-12 public school in the country. The main focus of initial reaction was on the deep and continuing racial gaps, in both discipline and access to the advanced academic courses students need to graduate prepared for college and careers.
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Teacher Pay Is So Low in Some U.S. School Districts That They’re Recruiting Overseas

The latest wave of foreign workers sweeping into American jobs brought Donato Soberano from the Philippines to Arizona two years ago. He had to pay thousands of dollars to a job broker and lived for a time in an apartment with five other Filipino workers. The lure is the pay — 10 times more than what he made doing the same work back home.

But Mr. Soberano is not a hospitality worker or a home health aide. He is in another line of work that increasingly pays too little to attract enough Americans: Mr. Soberano is a public school teacher..
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Nation’s Top Teachers Confront Betsy DeVos In Private Meeting

At a roundtable with the nation’s top educators on Monday afternoon, at least one teacher told Education Secretary Betsy DeVos that her favored policies are having a negative effect on public schools, HuffPost has learned. HuffPost has also obtained video of DeVos expressing disapproval of the teachers strikes currently roiling Arizona.
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