OTL Campaign Newsletter May 30, 2013


Michael Rebell

How the Campaign for Fiscal Equity Won NY Fair Funding Lawsuit


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Brown Vs. Board

59 Years After Brown vs. Board, "An Education Spring"

May 17th marked the 59th anniversary of the historic Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court decision, yet students, parents, teachers and advocates across the country are still fighting today against policies that leave students of color and low-income students deprived of the resources and opportunities they need to succeed. Recent headline-grabbing victories and inspiring protests show that a national grassroots movement is building, what blogger Jeff Bryant has been calling an "education spring." Read more>

Thousands of Philly Students Stage City-Wide Walkout

Philly Walkout In an impressive display of youth organizing power, thousands of Philadelphia students walked out of their classes and headed to the city hall to protest the under-resourcing of their schools. A number of OTL allies participated in the event, including the Philadelphia Student Union and Youth United for Change, two of the largest student organizing groups in the city. Read more>

Chicago Communities Fight for Their Schools

Chicago Closures Chicago education officials voted on May 22nd to close 50 public schools, the largest instance of mass school closures in the country. If the protests in the months leading up to the vote and the actions since then are anything to go by, partents, students, teachers and whole communities have a different opinion about how to fix their schools – by investing in them rather than closing them. Read more>

Federal Complaint Filed – NYC Schools Set Up to Fail

CFE Parents and community groups from New York City filed a federal civil rights complaint against the city's Department of Education charging that the high school admissions process is concentrating high-needs students in schools that can't meet their needs, thereby setting hundreds of schools up for failure and denying students a fair opportunity to learn. Read more>

The "Dirty Dozen" Ways Charters Influence Enrollment

NEPC There are serious issues with how charter schools can selectively shape their student enrollment. A report from the National Education Policy Center describes 12 practices that charters use to push out or discourage enrollment of students with special needs, those with low test scores, English learners, or students in poverty. Read more>

A Year of Impact and Success for Arkansas OTL

AR OTL The Arkansas OTL Campaign has had an eventful past year and has drawn wide attention to a variety of education issues from fair funding to school discipline. A report from Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families (AACF), an AR OTL member, details the impact and success advocates have had in pushing for systemic change and opportunity for all. Read more>

CO Supreme Court Punts Fair Funding to Legislature

CO Supreme Court Advocates in Colorado lost an eight year legal battle over the state's inequitable school funding system this week when the CO Supreme Court ruled that the funding system was constitutional, overturning a trial court's finding that the system was not only unconstitutional but "fundamentally broken." Read more>

A Proposal for Sustainable School Transformation

Sustainable School Transformation In an age of mass school closings, "A Proposal for Sustainable School Transformation" has been held up as a model of smart policy by organizers fighting for the resources and opportunities to support their local schools. The report advocates for a strong focus on school culture, curriculum and staffing, and wrap-around supports for children. Read more>

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