OTL Campaign Newsletter May 13, 2015


Bill Kopsky video

Video: Bill Kopsky on Tax Reform & Grassroots Organizing in Arkansas 


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The Tip of the Iceberg: Charter School Vulnerabilities to Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

The Case for Charter School Accountability

The Alliance to Reclaim our Schools and the Center for Popular Democracy released a report that should give serious pause to any state or city that's considering expanding charter schools. The report found $200 million of taxpayer funds has been used fraudulently or wasted by charter schools in 15 states, and because there is so little oversight of these schools, the number is likely even higher. Read more>

How Can We Get Smaller Class Sizes for MA?

Roadmap to Expanding Opportunity

As part of the ongoing Roadmap to Expanding Opportunity project, the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center has released a new policy brief designed to help advocates and educators make the case for expanding access to one particular resource in school: smaller class sizes. Read more>

NYC Expanding to 200 Community Schools

Community Schools in NYC

Education organizers in New York City celebrated when then-mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio promised to create 100 new community schools to better meet the out-of-school needs of the city's children. Now, just over a year into his term, de Blasio's administration is raising that pledge to 200 community schools by 2017. Read more>

Student Photo Campaign Against Testing

Students Against High-Stakes Testing

Nationwide, parents, educators, and students have been speaking out against the overuse of high stakes standardized testing. Recently, the Philadelphia Student Union started a photo campaign with the hashtag #MoreThanATest to show just how and why these tests fail to measure their full potential. Read more>

PA Voters Want Fair School Funding

The Campaign for Fair Education Funding

Two polls illuminate how deeply Pennsylvania voters care about funding for their schools with 74% of voters supporting an increase in funding and 80% supporting the creation a fair funding formula. Read more>

1.5 Million "Missing" Black Men

U.S. Map Showing Missing Black Men

The New York Time's recent article on the issue of 1.5 million "missing" black men provides a stark reminder that the challenges black male students face in our education system—like the opportunity gap and the school-to-prison pipeline—have damaging and life-long consequences not just for these students, but for their communities and for our entire nation. Read more>


The State of Preschool Report 2014

Map showing preK enrollment

The National Institute for Early Education Research released their yearly report on state-funded preschool programs across the U.S, a report that chronicles both how many 4 and 3 year olds are receiving early education and whether or not these programs are adequately serving them. Read more>

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