OTL Campaign Newsletter April 8, 2015


Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter: The Schott 50-State Report on Public Education and Black Males


Journey for Justice Organizing Conference
1st Annual Journey for Justice
National Organizing Conference

May 1-3 in Newark, NJ
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Rally in Albany

Mix of Victories and Setbacks in NY State Budget

After months of intense organizing in Albany and across the state, education organizers in New York got a mix of victories and setbacks in the new state budget. Read more>

Disparities Persist in Chicago School Discipline

Chicago study

A new study showing persistent disparities in school discipline rates in Chicago underscores the importance of ongoing work from groups like Voices of Youth in Chicago Education, which recently celebrated as a bill to end harsh school discipline advanced out of the State Senate Education Committee. Read more>

ESEA Could Help End Discriminatory School Discipline

Gina Womack

While debate around the reauthorization of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act has focused mainly on issues like standardized testing, school accountability and funding, an op-ed by Louisiana advocate Gina Womack raises another important issue for federal policymakers: addressing the discriminatory impact of harsh school discipline policies. Read more>

Boston Students Press for Voting Power

Boston students at the hearing

City Councilor Tito Jackson and the Boston Student Advisory Committee recently held a hearing to propose that a second student representative should be added to the Boston School Committee, and that both student representatives be given full voting rights. Read more>

"School Choice" Doesn't Help New Orleans Students

School choice study

A new study of charter schools in New Orleans illustrates how the city's "school choice" system has allowed administrators to selectively pick students and sidestep the central tenet of our nation's public education system: that schools are open to and serve all students. Read more>

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