OTL Campaign Newsletter April 27, 2015


Southern Education Foundation video

Southern Education Foundation Video: How Public Dollars Fund Private Schools


Journey for Justice Organizing Conference
1st Annual Journey for Justice
National Organizing Conference

May 1-3 in Newark, NJ
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Equity in ESEA

ESEA Could Be a Chance for Equity in Education

Jitu Brown, National Director of the Journey for Justice Alliance, and Judith Browne Dianis, Co-Director of the Advancement Project, spoke out in a recent op-ed, calling for a return to ESEA's true purpose: ensuring equity in our nation's public schools so that all children have the same opportunities to succeed. Read more>

Funding Gap Between Rich & Poor Schools Grew 44%

School choice study

Rich schools are getting richer, and poor schools are getting poorer. That's the gist of new data released by the US Department of Education, highlighting just how inequitably we fund our nation's public schools. Read more>

Grassroots Voices Weigh In On ESEA Debate 

Chicago study

Federal lawmakers seem to be getting serious about a rewrite of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The OTL Campaign was proud to join over 100 grassroots community and labor groups recently to release an open letter to Congressional leaders. Read more>

Why Restorative Justice Gets Better Results

Boston students at the hearing

In a letter to the editor for The Wall Street Journal, Lori Bezahler of the Hazen Foundation takes NYC charter school advocate Eva Moscowitz to task for her recent op-ed ridiculing restorative justice practices. Schools across the country are adopting restorative justice in lieu of harsh discipline for one simple reason: it works. Read more>

Clearer Standards for New Educators Needed in ESEA

Gina Womack

Teachers are front and center in every classroom - but they're not front and center in the latest draft bill to reauthorize the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act. In fact, as OTL's Policy Director Joe Bishop explains in a new Huffington Post column, there are some serious gaps in the proposed legislation as far as teacher preparation is concerned. Read more>

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