April 22, 2016



How Chicago’s School-Choice System Hurts Some Neighborhood Schools:

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Join the May 4 National Walk-Ins!

Dozens of cities are gearing up for a demonstration of support for their public schools and the fight for the Schools All Our Children Deserve. On May 4, parents, students and educators will gather outside of their schools before the bell to hold a rally and march. Then they will walk into their schools together in a show of solidarity.

This is the second national walk-in event organized by the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools - and the movement is growing!
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News from the Schott Foundation

Expert at AERA: States not Equipped to Support Schools

At the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, John Jackson, President and CEO of The Schott Foundation for Public Education, criticized the current testing regime as being wrongly focused on results instead of addressing the conditions that produce those results. With the millions of data points that have been produced from testing over the years. Read more >

Featured Grantee: One Voice Mississippi

Derrick Johnson: Phil Bryant's Legacy of Discrimination Continues, Legalizes Hatred

There was also a time in this state when many had a sincerely held religious belief and moral conviction that black children and white children couldn't be educated in the same schools.

And now this same language is being used to deny another group of people their basic and legal rights. Read more >

News and Resources from the OTL Network

Video: Baltimore Students descend on city school headquarters to protest PARCC testing

More than 100 high school students from across the city walked out of classes Friday and rallied peacefully outside Baltimore school headquarters to protest standardized testing.

Their action was planned by the youth-led activist group Baltimore Algebra Project, a nonprofit operated by people under age 25. Read more >

Why America's Schools Have A Money Problem

Across the U.S., kids with the same age and in the same grade attend schools that try to educate them with wildly different resources. On average, New York, Alaska, and Wyoming each spent more than $17,000 per student in 2013, while California, Oklahoma and Nevada spent roughly half that. Read more >

The Danger of Overhyping Danger in NYC Public Schools

Families for Excellent Schools (FES) filed a lawsuit against New York City public schools claiming that the civil rights of black and Latino are being violated because "violence" is out of control in our public schools. The FES "Safe Schools" campaign is steeped in the kind of messaging and rhetoric that plays upon the fear of black crime and violent and dangerous black children that is reminiscent of Willie Horton and the tough on juveniles era of the 90s that brought us the "superpredator" myth.
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