OTL Campaign Newsletter March 24, 2014


Demand a School That Works for All of Us

NY students demand a school
system that works for #AllOfUs


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Coalition for Community Schools Conference

Community Schools National Forum
April 9-11 – Cincinnati, OH
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New Restorative Justice Toolkit

Toolkit & Infographic: What Are Restorative Practices?

If you want to better understand what restorative practices are and how they foster safe learning environments and positive school discipline, check out this new toolkit from the OTL Campaign, Advancement Project, American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association. Don't miss the accompanying infographic! Read more>

Creating Opportunities for Boys & Young Men of Color

My Brother's Keeper

For over a decade, the Schott Foundation for Public Education (OTL's parent organization) has been a leader in documenting the alarming achievement gap for young men of color in our nation's public schools. Schott applauds President Obama's new initiative, My Brother's Keeper, and the attention it draws to this critical issue. Read more>

A Victory for Teachers and the Community in St. Paul

Victory in St. Paul

Teachers in St. Paul, MN, took a brave stand on behalf of their students. Backed by parents and community partners, they threatened to strike not over pay but over resources like pre-k programs, school counselors and small class sizes. Read more>

NY Allies Organize to Defend Pre-k and Fair Funding

Albany Rally for Fair Funding

From protests to rallies to statewide actions, it's been an eventful winter for OTL allies in New York State. Here's a run down of some of the inspiring events organizers have led to support their public schools and defend every student's right to resources like pre-k and fair school funding. Read more>

San Francisco Bans Suspensions for 'Willful Defiance'

San Francisco Bans Suspensions

Following on the heels of Los Angeles, San Francisco Unified has become the second California school district to ban suspension for 'willful defiance'. The district's new Safe and Supportive Schools Policy is another major victory in the nationwide movement to end harsh school discipline and embrace proven alternatives. Read more>

Philly Organizers to Launch Fair Funding Campaign

Philly Organizers Launch Fair Funding Campaign

Organizers in Philadelphia are gearing up to make this year's race for Pennsylvania governor all about fair school funding. On March 29, they will launch a seven-month effort to get 25,000 registered voters to sign a pledge to vote for candidates committed to supporting public schools. Read more>

AR Allies Set the Stage for Next Year's Pre-K Push

Pre-K in Arkansas

OTL allies in Arkansas came close to securing more funding for the state's pre-k program this year. Unfortunately, they will have to try again in the next budget season because state legislators chose instead to put funding towards expanding the state's prison system. Read more>

The Standoff Over Test-Based Education Policy

The Rising Tide Against Testing

Teachers, parents and students are speaking out against the extraordinary emphasis on standardized testing that has become the bedrock of the nation’s education policies. From calling for Congressional hearings to boycotting state tests, these organizers are part of a rising, anti-testing tide. Read more>


We Can Stop Closures. These Infographics Can Help

Stop School Closures

In May 2013, we launched a series of infographics exposing the harmful effects of mass school closures and highlighting positive alternatives for supporting and improving every school. Here are all the infographics in one printable PDF! Read more>

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