February 9, 2017

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Less Than 0.3% of Philanthropic Funding Goes to Native Communities
Schott Foundation's VP Edgar Villanueva speaks to Philanthropy New York on how funders can be creative in engaging native communities.
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People’s March for
Education Justice

On March 4, students, teachers, parents, and community members across New York will stand up for education justice. Join them.
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After the DeVos Vote: the Fight for Public Education Continues

Following this week’s confirmation of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education, our grantees and allies in education justice are speaking loud and clear: the fight for public education and equity in opportunity for all students continues.
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News from the Schott Foundation

Philanthropy, You in Danger, Girl! Five Things Philanthropies Need to Do Now in the Trump Age

These first two weeks in Trump’s America have been chaotic and stressful, but already emblematic of the dire needs philanthropy must step up to. The communities we aim to help will need our work now more than ever, and we can’t afford to lose focus or veer off the path.

In a new Huffington Post piece, Schott Vice President of Programs & Advocacy Edgar Villanueva offers five points to affirm our commitment to the work in these uncertain times.
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News and Resources from the OTL Network

Analysis: Policing America’s Schools

Journalists at Education Week, with funding support from the Schott Foundation, have been digging into the latest federal civil rights data to see who is most likely to be arrested at school and which students are most likely to go to schools with cops. Ed Week profiles two districts, St. Paul and Atlanta, trying, and struggling, to balance safety with a positive school climate.
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So We Have DeVos. Now What? Educators Respond.

The hopeful possibility is that the unified opposition to DeVos can get together behind an alternative education policy of progressive change. What is the activist response to the DeVos appointment on the ground, and what are people thinking in cities, schools, and classrooms across the country?
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Is School Funding Fair? A National Report Card

The Education Law Center has released the sixth edition of its indispensable report on school funding fairness. This latest report shows almost no improvement since the end of the Great Recession in those states that do not provide additional funding to districts with high student poverty. There is also no change in the vast differences in levels of funding for K-12 education across the states, even after adjusting for cost.
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Child Trends Report: Latino Children Start Kindergarten Behind in Math

Making Math Count More for Young Latino Children, an original analysis of data from a large, nationally representative sample of kindergartners, finds that Latino kindergartners trail their white peers by the equivalent of three months in math skills. According to research from Child Trends’ Hispanic Institute, young children who start school behind in math, also tend to have lower rates of participation in center-based child care, fewer books in the home, and high poverty rates.
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Schools of Opportunity: Now Accepting 2017 Applications

The National Education Policy Center's "Schools of Opportunity Project" honors 20 exemplary high schools from across the countrty that actively strive to close opportunity gaps – the differences in opportunities and resources that drive the well-known achievement gaps.

Applications are now open for individuals to nominate high schools they think create opportunities to learn for all their students.
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