February 26th, 2016



Check out the recap video from last week's National Walk-Ins!

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Community Schools Report Nationwide Walk-ins for the Schools
All Our Children Deserve

Last tens of thousands of parents, students and teachers came together in more than 30 cities and 800+ schools to demand quality education for every child. Led by the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, we demanded high quality, well-funded public schools, a stop to the state takeovers of school districts, an end to over-testing, accountability for the charter school industry, and racial justice and restorative justice in every school. Read more >

Featured Grantee

Under Gov. Cuomo, Gap Between Rich and Poor Schools Rises To Historic Levels

The Alliance for Quality Education and the Public Policy and Education Fund released a report last week that finds the gap between New York State’s 100 wealthiest and 100 poorest school districts has widened to a record-setting level: $9,796 per pupil. Read the report >
News from the OTL Network

What School Walk-ins Teach Us

Jeff Bryant provides a great background and analysis of the recent nationwide school walk-ins: "Walking into schools – as opposed to walking out – is a symbolic gesture of support for public education and an opportunity for concerned citizens and the media to see the conditions and challenges these schools face." Read more >

Children Not Criminals: Bringing Restorative Justice to Our Schools

Racial disparity is at the heart of the school-to-prison pipeline. Suspended students are more likely to drop out of school, and even a single suspension triples the likelihood that the student will be engaged with the juvenile justice system within a year. Read more >

Recap: Boston #ReclaimOurSchools Walk-in

On February 17th, Boston parents, teachers, and students participated in nationwide walk-ins to #ReclaimOurSchools. Schools being closed gave Boston Public Schools (BPS) students an opportunity to participate, and they spoke eloquently about the problems facing their schools. Read more >

Webinar: The Every Student Succeeds Act, Title I: Opportunities for Community-School Partnerships

On March 9th, the Coalition for Community Schools will host a webinar to focus on Title I of ESSA and the opportunities for community-school partnerships, especially in the following areas: local Title I planning, school improvement, school wide programs, and family and community engagement.
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