February 23, 2018

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Still Marching:
Post-Parkland Actions

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Decolonizing Wealth: A Conversation with Edgar Villanueva
February 27, 2019
Chicago History Museum
McCormick Theater

Featuring a keynote by Schott VP Edgar Villanueva

CADRE’s 2019 Spring Fundraiser
Los Angeles, CA
April 25, 2019
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We Must Denounce Trump Jr.'s Attack on Teachers

The son of the president urging rally goers to bring their “fight” to schools is concern enough. The language does not seem like an empty threat when you reflect on escalating white nationalist violence, and the horrific incidences of violent attacks in schools.

The broader concern is that America’s public school teachers—who come from diverse backgrounds and have political attitudes that cover the spectrum—are increasingly being vilified for political purposes, rather than being appreciated for the vital role they play caring for and educating our children.
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Schott Foundation News

Edgar Villanueva on Gathering Ground

In the inaugural episode of the new podcast "Gathering Ground," host Mary F. Morten sits down with Schott Vice President Edgar Villanueva, author of Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance. Mary and Edgar discuss the nonprofit industrial complex, The Native Way, and how we can use our philanthropy for healing and true community building.
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Schott's 2018 Impact

At the Schott Foundation we’ve been working for more than twenty-five years to support and empower the grassroots, community-centered organizations that are building movements strong enough to enact serious policy change. Here are a few ways to look at our impact in 2018 — which we're using to inform our 2019 strategy.
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Denver Teachers’ Strike Was a Rejection of Education ‘Reform’

In their strike negotiations, Denver teachers argued successfully for base-pay increases, a more predictable salary schedule and to eliminate almost all pay-for-performance bonuses. And they compromised to accept the district’s proposal of a $3,000 annual bonus for working in hard-to-staff schools.

They also won a demand to get a research study to examine the causes of teacher turnover in the district’s poorest schools.
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Watchdog Group Says Disciplinary Reforms in Rochester Schools are Helping Students

Analysis by The Children’s Agenda says suspensions in Rochester City School District have dropped dramatically over the past five years because of support services.

The group showcased the successes at School No. 17 Thursday. Younger children are given access to a reflection room, where they can share their emotions. Older students can go to a help zone and mediation room. They provide chances to figure out what’s sparking the behavior that may be getting them in trouble.
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Teachers’ Strikes Are Rattling Washington. This Hearing in the U.S. House Is Proof.

As further evidence of how the teacher protests have shaped the national conversation, the House education committee convened this week for its first hearing on K-12 schools in the new Congress, and the topic of teacher pay was front and center. Republicans and Democrats both agreed that teacher salaries were simply too low.
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