OTL Campaign Newsletter February 18, 2014


Restorative Justice in Oakland

Restorative Justice in Action:
Oakland Students Show What Discipline Reform Can Look Like


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Thank Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder for standing up against the school-to-prison pipeline!

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NPE Conference

Network for Public Education
2014 National Conference
March 1 & 2 – Austin, TX
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No More Excuses

No More Excuses
Education Parade and Rally
March 12 – Albany, NY
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Alternatives to School Closures

New Infographic: Alternatives to School Closures

You can't improve a school by closing it. Here's what you can do instead. View (and share!) the final part of the OTL Campaign's infographic series on the issue of mass school closures. It's time to build up our schools rather than closing them down. Read more>

The Movement for School Discipline Reform


In a New York Times op-ed, Dr. Robert Ross and Kenneth Zimmerman highlight cities that have made huge strides in school discipline reform. From Los Angeles to Baltimore, schools are working to end the school-to-prison pipeline by implementing positive alternatives to zero-tolerance and suspensions. Read more>

Is School Funding Fair? A National Report Card

Is School Funding Fair?

What does "fair" school funding look like? If you ask the researchers at the Education Law Center, "fair" means putting more money towards the low-income students who need it most. Whether states are funding schools fairly (and how hard they're trying) is the subject of a new, must-read report for every education advocate. Read more>

A Tale of Two States: Equity Outperforms Inequity

Tale of Two States

A report from OTL allies shows how New Jersey's fair school funding system, which dedicates more resources towards lower-income students, has helped the state beat out neighboring New York and become a model for ensuring equity and opportunity in education. Read more>

Philly Students Lead Citywide Assembly on Education

Philly Assembly

On February 1, the Philadelphia Student Union and Youth United for Change led a citywide assembly to talk about education in Philadelphia and what students can do to protect and fight for their public schools. Read more>

MA Allies Draft Guidelines to Curb Harsh Discipline

MA Suspension Guidelines

OTL allies in Massachusetts played a huge role in passing a 2012 law known as Chapter 222 that requires schools to provide educational resources to suspended students. The same allies are now helping to draft state guidelines to assist schools in implementing the new law. Read more>

Journey for Justice: End Closures, Build Communities

Journey for Justice

Parents, students and teachers across the country are fighting for equitable school resources, community solutions and an end to mass school closures. If you like our infographics on school closures, don't miss this video from our grassroots ally Journey for Justice. Read more>

"Making Education Work for Latinas"

Making Education Work for Latinas

A new report and accompanying video from the Civil Rights Project shines a light on the educational experiences of young Latinas and how parents, teachers and schools can encourage more of them to stay in school and continue on to college. Read more>


Subprime Learning: Early Education in America

Subprime Learning

Despite growing recognition of the benefits of early education, national and state policymakers are still failing to make the investments needed to ensure every child has access to high quality early care and education. This report tracks investments in children from birth through third grade and shows what's needed to build comprehensive early education systems. Read more>

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