February 12th, 2016



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Community Schools Report Community Schools:
Transforming Struggling Schools
into Thriving Schools

The Center for Popular Democracy, Coalition for Community Schools and Southern Education Foundation have released a groundbreaking new report on the Community School model: how it works in practice, the wraparound supports provided to students, and the resulting improvements in social and academic outcomes. Read more >

Featured Grantee

Arkansas Schools Still Disproportionally Punishing Black Students

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families highlights the stark data showing how Black students are punished disproportionately: "In the aggregate, Black youth are 21% of Arkansas’s public school population, but they make up half of the number of kids suspended or expelled." Read more >
News from the OTL Network

Leaked Success Academy Video Shows Shocking Treatment of Student by Teacher

A teacher who works in a Success Academy charter school in Brooklyn was caught on tape scolding and punishing a student for not properly explaining a math problem, raising serious questions about the high-stakes, no-excuses culture in Success Academy schools. Read more >

Why State Leaders Need To Back Away From School Takeover Agencies

We need locally and democratically elected school boards, as imperfect as they are. Not only are they likely the best vehicles we have to scrutinize public education expenditures, they are also likely still the best governing structure we have to ensure students are learning. Read more >

How Do We Take Restorative Practices School-wide?

How do we bring restorative practices, a growing alternative to traditional punitive discipline policies, to a larger scale? A report from the Denver School-Based Restorative Practices Partnership lays out how stakeholders in Denver schools were able to do just that and provides key recommendations for schools that want to follow suit. Read more >

PA Schools Caught in Budget Chaos

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced a plan to dramatically increase education funding. But heading into 2016-2017 budget negotiations with the current budget still unfinished has created a funding landscape that is "perplexing" and "convoluted" for public schools, say superintendents around the commonwealth. Read more >

OECD Report: Teachers in High-Needs Schools Need More Support

A new report just out from OECD sheds new light on the teaching profession across the globe, and raises concerns that teachers in schools with high-needs students aren't given the supports or classroom authority they need. Read more >

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