December 4th, 2015



Here's a great brief explanation of the new education bill making its way through Congress, which will replace No Child Left Behind:


Thanks to the Alliance for Excellent Education for the video!


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New Report on the
Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline

The school-to-prison pipeline has drawn increased attention recently, especially after Dignity in School’s successful National Week of Action. But while stories of middle and high schoolers pushed out of school through inequitable and disproportionately applied discipline policies are tragic enough, there may be something even worse: the preschool-to-prison pipeline. It can be hard to imagine scenarios in which suspending or expelling a preschooler would be appropriate, but a new report from the Center for American Progress shows that even our youngest students are disciplined and pushed out at disproportionate rates. Read more >

MA Commission Proposes an Ambitious School Funding Plan

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The Foundation Budget Review Commission, a bipartisan group of legislators and educators, released their findings on the state of education funding in Massachusetts and their recommendation for an ambitious new funding plan that would allow schools to more fully support programs to increase educational equity.
Read more >

News from Grantees

Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC)

For 15 years, FFLIC's grassroots membership has worked to transform the systems that put children at risk of prison in Louisiana. FFLIC organizers pioneered justice reform when they succeeded in closing down Tallulah youth prison, considered by some to be the worst juvenile facility in the country.
Learn more about FFLIC >

News from the Schott Foundation

Envisioning and Enacting Racial Justice

Our board co-chair Rinku Sen gave a fantastic interview about her work as executive director of Race Forward. She talks about her childhood, learning to organize, and the ways Race Forward has pushed for conversations on race and greater inclusivity. Read more >

#MeetTheMovement: Reforming School Discipline, Creating a Culture of Dignity

Our board member and Executive Director of CADRE, Maisie Chin, writes about the steps nessecary to change schools with cultures of discipline and punishment into those with cultures of dignity and respect. Read more >

Foundations Respond to the Insufficient Funding of Mississippi's Schools

On November 3, 2015, a tight race to achieve full funding of public schools across Mississippi was lost. Initiative 42, the ballot initiative for “better schools,” was a citizen-led campaign with bipartisan, grassroots support for fully funded public schools. Read more >

News from the OTL Network

School Pushout at Success Academies

Judith Browne Dianis of the Advancement Project responded to the discovery of ongoing policies of school pushout at a Success Academy school in an op-ed for The Hill. The school had been maintaining a "got to go" list of students they wanted to push out. Read more >

Resource: Case Studies on Restorative Justice in NYC Schools

Dignity in Schools-New York released a great new resource: case studies on applying restorative justice programs in four New York City schools. They emphasize the importance of shared decision-making, developing core values, and talking about race and racism. Read more>

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