December 23, 2016

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Generation All Chicago:
"We just need a chance to show
what we're capable of doing."

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Free Webinar:
How to Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline for Girls of Color
January 11, 2017 @ 2:00pm EST
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Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools National Day of Action
January 19, 2017
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Tell Your Senator: Keep Betsy DeVos Away from our Public Schools!

Donald Trump’s selection of billionaire Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary puts the right-wing attack on public education into overdrive. Sign the petition >


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News from the Schott Foundation

Happy Holidays! A Look Back at 2016

Happy Holidays from the Schott Foundation! While 2016 was a tough year on many fronts, we accomplished so much this year, and nothing we did was possible without the hard work of grantees and partners like you. Here are just a few incredible things we're grateful to you and our many exceptional partners for making possible in 2016... Read more >

Featured Grantees: Alliance for Quality Education & Coalition for Educational Justice

After Trump’s election, activists call on education officials to expand anti-bias training

In response to heightened anxiety in the weeks after Donald Trump’s election, several advocacy organizations and elected officials are asking the city’s education department to expand anti-bias training and support for immigrant families.
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News and Resources from the OTL Network

Tar Heel Heist: How the Charter School Industry is Hijacking Public Education

A nationwide study on "school funding fairness" conducted by the Education Law Center finds North Carolina is one of the least fair states in the nation, earning a grade of "F" for its education spending in relation to the state’s economic productivity.

While the schools struggle with under-funding, they also face increased competition for funds. Read more >

What America Can Learn From Smart Schools in Other Countries

Here’s what the models show: Generally speaking, the smartest countries tend to be those that have acted to make teaching more prestigious and selective; directed more resources to their neediest children; enrolled most children in high-quality preschools; helped schools establish cultures of constant improvement; and applied rigorous, consistent standards across all classrooms. Read more >

Equity and ESSA: Leveraging Educational Opportunity Through the Every Student Succeeds Act

As a new report by the Learning Policy Institute shows, the recent passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) represents an opportunity for the federal government, states, districts, and schools to equitably design education systems to ensure that the students who have historically been underserved by these same education systems receive an education that prepares them for the demands of the 21st century. Read more >

The Trump Effect: The Impact of the Presidential Campaign on Our Nation's Schools

A report from the Southern Poverty Law Center from the primary season is worth revisiting. It found that the 2016 campaign produced an alarming level of fear and anxiety among children of color and inflamed racial and ethnic tensions in the classroom. Many students worry about being deported.
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