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December 21, 2011

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2011 Opportunity to Learn Education Summit


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Summit highlights
The 2011 Opportunity to Learn Education Summit was a dynamic, intergenerational gathering of more than 300 advocates from across the country. Check out video of the plenary sessions, highlights on our blog, and browse pictures of the event on the OTL site.

AQE: New York tax reform agreement
Throughout its 2011 "Protect Kids, Not Millionaires" campaign, the Alliance for Quality Education fought for tax fairness in the state of New York. On Dec. 6, N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a tax code reform deal - a major win for AQE and all who fought for reform. Read more>

PA legislature says 'No' to vouchers
Score one for keeping public dollars in public education. Last week, the Pennsylvania Legislature rejected a bill to create a voucher program in the state of Pennsylvania, despite Gov. Tom Corbett's strong support for vouchers. Read more>

Early Childhood: Build schools on a solid foundation
Education reform can take a lesson from the story of the Three Little Pigs: a strong foundation made of the right materials goes a long way toward ensuring your house isn't blown away. In an Education Week commentary, Gerrit Westervelt and Cassie Schwerner argue that the strong foundation education reform needs is a serious investment in high-quality early-childhood education programs. Read more>

For equity, look to military's schools as model
Small classes, good housing and health care, and racial integration are hallmarks of the schools run by the Department of Defense for military children. These students consistently score better than their public school peers, and the achievement gap between White students and students of color is much lower. Read more>


Latest research on corporate education reform
Matthew Di Carlo, senior fellow at the Albert Shanker Institute, compiles a comprehensive cheat sheet of this year's most important education research, particularly regarding issues like charter school effectiveness, performance pay for teachers and the use of value added statistics in evaluations. Read more>


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