November 18, 2016

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Dispelling False Narratives about Public Education
Schott President & CEO Dr. John H. Jackson spoke at a recent forum at Howard University on public education & charter schools.
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Bursting the Bubbles: Is There a Link Between Standardized Tests and Improved Learning?
December 9, 2016
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Tell President Obama to End the 1033 Program: Stop the War on Black People and Demilitarize Police

It is unconscionable for the Department of Defense to give military grade weapons to city and state police forces—including police in schools. Sign the petition >


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News from the Schott Foundation

The Election is Over, but the Struggle for Justice Continues

The United States has a new president-elect. After the results, it is only natural that we take some time to think and reflect. At the end of a long, divisive election many feel a fresh wave of apprehension and a heightened level of concern.
Read the open letter from our President Dr. John H. Jackson >

Featured Campaign: Campaign to End Zero Tolerance Policies

Protecting the Human Rights of Students and Families in a Trump Administration

Now that election results are in, the Trump administration is beginning to name its potential cabinet members and we have some sense of the political climate students and parents will face for the next 4 years. As the Dignity in Schools Campaign, we reaffirm our support for the increasingly critical work our member organizations are doing in their communities across the country. Read more >

Featured Grantee: Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families

What will a Trump administration mean for Arkansas's children and families?

It will be up to Arkansas's congressional delegation and Arkansas state policymakers to not simply sign off on these changes, but to push to protect and expand gains that Arkansas children and families have made. And it will be up to the rest of us to make sure they do.
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News and Resources from the OTL Network

‘Education not deportation’: Hundreds of NYC students walk out of class, march to Trump Tower in protest

The march began around 10 a.m., when well over 100 students streamed out of Manhattan’s selective Beacon High School, chanting, “This is what democracy looks like!” and “Education, not deportation!” The protest coincided with others at colleges and university across the country.

Tuesday’s march captured the fear and anger many students have felt toward an election they could not directly influence.
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Facing Race Conference a Source of Strength and Hope

I was left full at every bend and turn, starting with the opening plenary led by Michelle Alexander and leaders from Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, and other movements for justice. They dropped knowledge not just about their movements, but reinforced how movements build movement. As Alicia Garza said, Black Lives Matter created networks to take action, spaces to have “radical imagination,” and she urged us to create more space for people to have a voice. Read more >

Spotlight on BAGLY: Dignity, Leadership and Bravery

In honor of #GivingTuesday on November 29th, the Schott Foundation has reached out to some of our grantee partners to get the low-down on what they do, who they’re doing it for, and the challenges that they handle like rockstars every day. The Schott Foundation began partnering with BAGLY in 2014 to support their work around school climate and the LGBTQ youth experience in Massachusetts.
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What Student Protests Tell Us About America Under Trump

While it may be President Obama’s job to ease the country through the change in leadership to a President Donald Trump administration, the rest of the country doesn’t have to go along with it. At least, that’s the message coming from a massive show of protest and resistance in cities and towns across the nation.
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Using ESSA to Help States Focus on School Equity, Quality and Climate

A new policy memo by the National Education Policy Center shows how state policymakers can use ESSA to expand beyond traditional academic metrics and emphasize other important issues, like equity and school climate.
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