October 5, 2018

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Black Organizing Project
Docu-Series: "Our Story"

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Equity in the Center Summit
October 9-10 •  Baltimore, MD

Featuring a Keynote by Schott VP Edgar Villanueva >

Film Screening:
Personal Statement

October 10th • 6:00 pm
CUNY Graduate Center, NYC

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Education Anew Conference
October 11-14 • Peurto Rico

Proudly co-sponsored by Schott
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Dignity in Schools Week of Action:
Counselors Not Cops!

October 20-28 • Nationwide

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Grantee Spotlight

Lift Us Up: Meet the Activists on the Front Lines of the Battle for Educational Justice in America

As Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh objects to being held accountable for his behavior in high school, Democracy Now! looks at the criminalization of black and brown students that has led to what is known as the school-to-prison pipeline. They speak with a roundtable of community activists —  including Schott grantee partners — engaged in the fight to save schools and push for alternatives to punishment and privatization.
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Can Community Organizing Improve Schools?

Clearly, after years of disappointing results from top-down reform, there’s an urgent need to examine the positive progress that can happen when efforts come from the bottom-up. That is the subject of a new documentary The Long View.
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Schott Foundation News

Keeping the Promise of Public Education

The NEA Foundation is holding a symposium today that will feature storytellers from all over the U.S. and many facets of the education ecosystem, each offering unique, creative reflections on the promise of public education. In what ways are we keeping that promise? In what ways do we still need to grow?

Schott Foundation President Dr. John H. Jackson will talk about the importance of love and happiness as we work to give students the opportunities they need. Watch today at 2:30pm ET!
View the livestream >

What Does “Revolution” Look Like in Education?

Teachers of conscience are constantly pushed to do more with less, from funding classrooms and meals for students out of their own pockets, to grading papers and setting up meetings at all sorts of hours.

Higher-ups use the “do what’s best for kids” plea to make large-hearted educators work above and beyond their own capacities, leading to mass burnout and teacher turnover. Read more >

Does Your State Make the Grade? Measuring Our Nation's Commitment to Public Schools

With equitable policies and resources, our public schools can be the beating heart of American democracy: engines of opportunity for all children, centers of neighborhood support, and institutions responsive to the communities around them.

In the midst of a continuous push for privatization from Washington, DC and many state capitals, it's more important than ever to ask: "When it comes to supporting public schools, does my state make the grade?"
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