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October 4, 2012

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Pedro on MHP

  Pedro Noguera Talks Opportunity to Learn on Melissa Harris-Perry!


Solutions Not Suspensions is calling for a moratorium on out-of-school suspensions and the implementation of positive discipline alternatives in schools across the country. Add you voice!


Facing Race Conference

Join advocates for racial justice in Baltimore for this exciting annual conference Nov. 15-17!

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Jonathan Kozol Speaking Events
Acclaimed education author Jonathan Kozol will be speaking at events across the country in the coming months to promote his new book, Fire in the Ashes.

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Solutions Not Suspensions
How to Go from Mad to Movement Building!
The OTL Campaign held a webinar this week exploring how advocates can use data documenting unconscionable disparities in access to educational resources to connect with allies and build a movement for change. It was an exciting and inspiring discussion! We spoke to Hiram Rivera, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Student Union, and Dan Losen, Director of UCLA's Civil Rights Project. Check out the resources we discussed and listen to a recording of the webinar! Read more>

Redlining in NYC's Elite Schools
NAACP Fights Redlining in NYC Public Schools
A single standardized test is all that stands between New York City students and admission to some of the city's most elite public schools. Unfortunately, some students are left at a disadvantage in the application process, unable to afford the expensive test prep courses and private tutoring necessary to pass the exam. The NAACP has joined with a number of organizations (including many OTL Campaign allies) to file a federal complaint saying the test-based admissions process disproportionately excludes students of color. Read more>

The Real Parents Who "Won't Back Down"
Corporate Reform Is a Box Office Flop
The new union-bashing, pro-privatization Walden Media film, Won't Back Down, set a new box office record for worst opening weekend ever. That's hardly surprising when you consider that parents led protests at the film's red carpet premiere, critics widely condemned the film as political propaganda, and thought leaders in the education reform debate called out the film for oversimplifying the complex issues facing our nation's public schools. Read more>

Race, Gender and the School-to-Prison Pipeline
Race, Gender and the School-to-Prison Pipeline
This report examines how the "school-to-prison pipeline" metaphor often fails to consider the unique position of Black girls in the push to reform school discipline policies. Monique W. Morris, a 2012 Soros Justice Fellow hosted by African American Policy Form and a former Vice President for the NAACP, writes that by ignoring issues of identity politics and stereotypes facing young Black women, the current debate about school discipline leaves Black girls "in a nebulous space between males and other women, where they are rendered not only invisible but powerless to correct course with opportunities that respond to their triple status as female, as a youth, and as a person of African descent." Read more>

Harvard Graduate School of Education
Education Redlining in Boston Public Schools
A new study from the Harvard Graduate School of Education finds that only 20 percent of Boston Public School students are enrolled in high quality schools, and access to those schools is unequally distributed across the city's student assignment zones. Students of color, in particular, are shortchanged, with Black students having just a 1 in 10 chance of enrolling in a high quality school compared to their white peers, who have a 1 in 3 chance. Read more>

Journey for Justice
"A Lesson For Arne Duncan" in Journey for Justice
Last week, students, parents and education advocates from cities across the US converged on Washington, D.C., to protest school closures as part of Journey for Justice. A reporter from The Nation magazine rode with the Pennsylvania delegation in their bus caravan and interviewed student organizers throughout the entire event. The article is an inspiring look at what is driving these students to fight so passionately for their schools. Read more>

State Got a Surplus? Reinvest It in Schools!
Public schools in Wisconsin (and, indeed, across the entire nation) are suffering "death by a thousand cuts" as state and local budgets drastically reduce the size of school funding. But as our economy begins to recover from the recession and as budget surpluses begin to appear, our policymakers need to reinvest in schools and in students. Wisconsin is looking at a surplus of $126 million this year. Nothing has a better claim on this unexpected windfall than our public schools. Read more>

  • What's Driving the Dropout Rate?: In an interview with NPR following the release of the Schott Foundation's report, The Urgency of Now, Schott's President and CEO John H. Jackson articulates the need to end both the "pushout" and "lockout" crises that are barring students from the classroom and denying them vital educational resources and opportunities. Read more>

  • Speaking Truth to Billionaire Investors: In light of the release of Won't Back Down, the pro-privatization film backed by corporate dollars, Anthony Cody writes that the need has never been greater for disclosure in the education reform debate so that we understand the degree to which private money is undermining our public school system and our democracy. Read more>

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