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January 25, 2012

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Why the market mindset is wrong for education


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Linda Darling-Hammond
NCLB and corporate-style reform are redlining our schools
Like the redlining banking practices that have denied much needed development resources to struggling - often minority - communities, NCLB and corporate-style education reform are hurting the very children they purport to protect, writes Linda Darling-Hammond in a must-read piece in The Nation. Read more>

Appleseed Logo
School boards should be leaders in education reform
In a widely circulated Op-Ed that has been picked up by newspapers across the country, Betsy Cavendish, Executive Director of The Appleseed Network, calls on school boards to take the lead in eliminating resource inequities in their districts and to provide every student with an equal opportunity to learn. See Appleseed tool in Resouralso provides tools for local advocates in a new study (see “Resources”). Read more>

EdVox Logo
Dire statistics: Only 13% of NYC students of color are college-ready
According to recent data, just one in four NYC students and - worse - just 13% of students of color are college-ready under Mayor Bloomberg’s administration. The numbers are a blow for the administration, which has touted rising graduation numbers as proof that the education system in improving. Read more>

Rachel Moran
Equity and opportunity go hand in hand in education
In a passionate Op-Ed for the New York Times, Rachel Moran, dean of U.C.L.A. School of Law, writes that equality and opportunity, especially regarding race, are two inseparable halves in the fight for a more just society. If Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream is ever to be realized, federal courts and local school boards alike must tackle persisting racial disparities in schools. Read more>

EdVoters Logo
Funding crisis in struggling PA district is a “disgrace”
Susan Gobreski, Executive Director of Education Voters Pennsylvania, calls the ongoing funding crisis in the Chester Upland School District a “disgrace.” Teachers, bus drivers, and janitors in the PA district are working for free because school funding has dried up as a result of drastic budget cuts, poor management and student attrition to charter schools. Read more>


Appleseed Logo
Achieving Resource Equity Within a Single School Districts
A new report from The Appleseed Network examines the failure of school boards to distribute resources - such as teachers, general education funds, and building maintenance funds - equally among schools in affluent neighborhoods versus low-income areas. Appleseed also provides a resource equity assessment tool for advocates.  Read more>


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